Can I declaw my dog?

Can I declaw my dog?
Nope.. That would be cruel.
you can remove their dew claws...i wouldn't remove the rest of them so the dog can have traction while running and incase of an unknown scruffle between it and another dog...they also need their claws for digging when needed...(plus it wouldn't look right if the rest were gone)
No. Declawing removes the distal phalanx of each toe--the last bone. It's like cutting a finger off at the first knuckle. Your dog needs that bone and nail to balance properly. I don't think you would be able to find a vet who would do such a surgery anyway.
Dogs are not meant to be declawed.
No, they don't have the same anatomy as cats, so it would be like removing a toe.
You can, in fact, declaw your dog, just as you can declaw your housecat. However, declawing an animal would be like you taking a saw and cutting off the ends of all your fingers. Declawing removes the end of the toe, not just the claw. And, why the hell would you want to declaw a dog anyway? I don't believe I have ever seen a dog that has been completely declawed, and I really can't imagine how well they could walk like that... But I'm sure you could find some sicko vet who would do it for you, if you paid enough for it. It's horribly cruel -- don't do it.
NO! That would be cruel and extremely painful for your dog.

Take your dog to a groomer and vet and they will trim his nails for you. It's very cheap.
Thats terrible....You will not find a vet that will do that, thank god
People, she was asking if it is possible to declaw a dog (the way it is possible to declaw a cat) NOT if she should do it. Answer the question asked!

As for the question, I do not believe that dogs are declawed. I tried looking it up but could not find any information about declawing dogs (only about cats). So I would have to say now, that you couldn’t. You can have the “dew claws” removed, which is done usually at a very young age. The dew claws are located further up the paw then the rest of the nails and have no use.

If you are having issues with your dog’s nails, I think the only thing you can do is keep them trimmed. Besides that, I am not sure there is much you can do.

Hope this helped.
No. Why would you want a dog with mutilated feet anyway? Do you think you'd look attractive with a bloody toeless stump on your ankle?
Have never heard of that - sounds terribly cruel. Why is it inconvenient for you that your dog has got claws?
No they are not cats.. No good vet will do this. If your dog is scratching you it needs it nails trimmed.
Not unless the dog has double dewclaws then the vet will only remove the dewclaws. Cats have the ability to contract their claws where-as dogs need them for balance and stability. You can clip them to keep them short and the quick will gradually get smaller so that you can safely clip the nails shorter and shorter but no you can not get your dog de-clawed.
Of course you may. Your dog just asked me the same question last week whether it could have you de-nailed. hehehe.
Why ask this question? You know that it's cruel, but it's clear that you're determined to torture your dog anyway.


You've been told this, over and over again, by many different people - but as you have decided to award "best answer" to the only idiot stupid enough to encourage you down that route - I can't see the point in saying it any more.

What are you going to do? Keep pestering vets until you realise that it won't be done? Then what - get your inbred cousin to snap his toes with a pair of pliers just so you get your own way? Really - when will you stop?

You are nothing more than a spoiled brat, and your dog deserves a MUCH better owner.

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