Neutering a 5 year old dog??

What to expect it too late...opinions.
I'm a veterinarian in San Diego, CA.

Yes it is a good idea to neuter your dog - it's not too late. He can still obtain all of the health benefits from neutering (like avoiding prostate cancer, benign prostate hyperplasia, and testicular cancer, for example.)

Although he may have the unwanted behavioral characteristics associated with being an unneutered male... But those can be changed to some degree with proper training.

What you can expect: He might be sore and swollen for a week after the operation. I recommend restricted activity for 10 days and pain medication for 5 days after surgery. The dog should be back to his old self within 10-14 days. It is still possible for him to impregnate a female for about a month - even after the operation.

See your veterinarian for more details and get pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure that he can cope with the anesthetic.

Good luck.
It is never too late. The skin will be a little saggy at first but should bounce back.
its never too late to fix a dog. the sooner the better... because their hormones show even more. but when you fix him, he wont have problems... so no its never to late.
it is never to late to neuter your dog you can be saving his life from cancer that is very common in unneutered dogs . it will not look bad as long as your vet knows what they are doing go with the laser surgery less pain and less bleeding.
It is healthier for the dog. It will stop testosterone based aggression or behaviors. It is almost never to late. My old dog was neutered at 10 for perianal tumors, something very nasty and quite common in un-neutered dogs. Neutering, though there are potential surgical risks (any good vet will tell them to you), is relatively simple with little discomfort. It takes about a month for the hormones to level out.
He may lose some aggression, but if he's started marking, he'll never stop.
It's never too late, well 15 years old would be a waste of time but it won't hurt to neuter an adult. He will be a little less likely to chase females.
nope, mine i got snipped and his umm sack just shrank over time(not unless some vets do it different). It doesnt stop marking though or him peeing on your stuff.
You can neuter a dog of any age ... and no, it's not 'too late' ... and you'd be doing the world a BIG FAVOR by doing this, because there are too many 'unwanted animals' in this world, and we don't need any more.
No its not to late. You can even fix animals that are 10 years old. 5 years old is still real young. If you are still concerned you can get blood work done before that is called a " Pre op panel" which shows if your dog will be fine going through the surgery like if he will be able to handle the anesthesia and and the meds that we use to nock the animal out
Never to late to get a pet fixed & its heathiler for them in hte long run& shows youra respponsable owner - no it won't look bad - just like human surgery in a littletime everything heals

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