Male or female dog - which one would be more protective of an adult woman?

Both my males and females have been very protective when needed. It's just instinct with either sex. All the best;~)
Get a chow. They're loyal to one person. My sister has one and, believe me, no one messes with her.
If you want protection, get a gun.


There's a difference.
male because he would think she is his there fore protecting her at all coasts
male is typically more protective, but some female dogs will be protective if they know you really well (as in uv been together since it was a puppy)
female. they are very aggressive. they like to protect their family and their environment. if you get a female German Shepard it will bond with you and protect you,.
I honestly don't thing the gender of the dog matters. i have 2 german shepherds, one male and one female, and they are both very protective of me and my family.
just find a dog you like. if they trust you, you'll be well off.
either or. Dogs in general will protect the person they love the most. Some breeds of dogs are more inclined to protect. A boxer and rottweiler are good examples. Labs and Goldens are too inclined. also.. terriors (i know are small) are VERY VERY VERY protective of their owners
i would suggest a male dog. female dogs in general not all ways tend to be high strung and more independent.
I think male
Male dogs are more aggressive...
male dogs are more protective of women
only as long as he likes her though haha
good luck
male dogs are prone to be more protective of the person and female dogs are more territorial protective, but both can be trained to protect equally
The gender doesn't really matter. Once a dog has bonded with you, it will protect you if anyone ever tries to hurt you. But a dog is a lot of work and responsibility, and you have to build up that bond and earn the dog's love. Dogs are a big deterrent to anyone breaking into your home, but it would be a better idea to protect yourself with an alarm system or a gun.
I think any dog that is raised with the woman since puphood will be protective (depending on the breed). She'll need to feed and groom the dog to develop a bond and respect. Remember owning a manstopper takes education for both the dog AND the owner. It's a huge responsibility but can be very rewarding.
gender doesn't matter. A male can be just as aggressive, protective, domenearing as any female. It's in the training. If you want a gaurd dog, you'll have to spend a lot of time training it. I've had both genders and both were just as bad. I'd say if you want a dog that is more studdorn and protective look for the alpha pup in the litter. Every puppy litter will establish it's own pecking order and all you have to do is ask which pup is the bully, that's your alpha. They'll be harder to train but they'll also be more protective cause as far as they're concerned you belong to them not the other way around. And dogs like to protect what they think is theirs.
It depends, purely on the breed. While a male dog may seem to be more aggressive, a female dog can be just as protective.

A male dog does have a slight advantage, but it depends on your rank in his "pack". If he is to have his way most of the time, he would protect you as "his"
Both can be equally protective. Personally I prefer the female dogs because I find the female dogs to be a bit more loyal and a bit less likely to pick fights with other dogs. Females of most breeds are slightly smaller, but not so much so as to diminish their protective abilities.
Male dogs are more aggressive, but female dogs are very territorial. If the dog and woman are just staying home, get a female. If they're going out and about, get a male. Keep in mind, breed has a lot to do with a dog's attitude also.
After my divorce, I got a Spitz, a female. She was so protective that nobody could even enter the house without the dog being put in another room. She was so good that we fired the baby sitters and the dog took the job. I have had male dogs that just would not even show any interest when anyone came inside. If she wants a watch dog that is loving, call the veterinarians and search on the net for ideas on not only the sex but the breed. To me, if you need a good watch dog, get one but make sure that he/she is well supervised and cannot harm innocent people. I am all for protective pets for single women. Perverted men just cannot leave us alone. Got a short joke in.
I think a male, even though females are protective, my male will get between myself and my kids when we are arging, my female just sits back and watches what happens.She is a mom and must understand!

Anyway, I would not get a dog soley for protection, as the dog still needs to be well rounded and socialized or it may become a fear barker or biter which is worse...The dog will not need to be taught to protect you, make sure your dog is very obedient and will accept anyone you do, strangers (like people at parks/petsmart/open air eateries, etc) or if your "long lost friend" comes over, your dog may think they are the "enemy". they re companions...
How much protection does she need? Serious protection should be done by a professional and she should be trained how to handle guard dogs.
If you're just talking about a dog, then either is probably OK. You'd probably want a dominant (or Alpha) dog rather than a submissive dog (pack heirarchy). I agree with chow assessment, and for the same reasons that can lead to problems. Are there children to be considered? You may not want a very aggressive dog. I used to live at the corner of Zirconia and Crack Ave and based on my experiences, I think any big dog is a deterrent. It doesn't have to be a doberman or pit bull. I had a border collie who barked at strangers and big, ex-con-looking dudes left me alone. You need to consider how much time she has to excercise the animal. Some breeds have alot more energy than others. Some are better with kids. I think any big dog will be good. You should match it to her temprament, interests, time and environment.
A male dog tends to get along better with a female owner because there is no power struggle for the Alpha female spot. Female dogs DO tend to be more defensive then males, for the most part, but I've found that they also challenge their female master's commands more frequently. Any dog can be a good protecter if properly trained, though. It's just a personal preference call. Do keep in mind that, if you plan to breed either dog in the future and forego "fixing" them, that female dogs do go through menstration. In larger breeds of dogs, this can get rather messy.
It doesn't matter what sex dog you get, it matters what breed you get and how you train it. I'm a female who lives by myself and have had both a male and female German Shephard.(My Male Shephard died 4 years ago and my Female is 1 year old) Shephards are known for being extremely protective and loyal to their owners. If given a choice of a chow or a Shephard. I'd pick my Shephard in a heartbeat. Ask yourself these 2 questions. Someone who's going to break into a house. Their either going to hear a yappy bark or a deep bark of a big dog. Who's house do you think their going to choose NOT to go into? Same thing goes for 2 women walking on the street One has a bigger dog, one has a smaller one. Which womans dog would intimidate you more? If you're trying to protect an adult woman. Do some research and get a breed known for being protective and adaptable to the type of lifestyle that the woman you're trying to protect lives. Don't base it on the sex.

Good Luck!

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