What's the oldest you can spay/neuter a dog?

just wondering how long you hold before spaying/neuter a dog.whats the oldest
Answers: There is no age delineate. As long as the dog is healthy and can tolerate the anesthetic he can be neuter.
You can spay/neuter at any age, but it gets a bit riskier as the dog ages.

I had my American Bulldog neuter at 3 and he had a few complications. His 'sack' swelled up to the size of a grapefruit near fluid and blood (gross, I know - but relevant), and we just have to wait till it drained. He have to wear a diaper on his rear and a cone on his chief for about a week till adjectives the fluid drained out slowly. I felt horrible to enjoy been the one to put him through that.

So it's up to you. If the benefits outweigh the risks after you should probably do it.
I don't know if there is an oldest cut bad limit. I'm sure as long as the dog is surrounded by good physical vigour and current on it's shots the vet would snip it.
any age upto death of the dog
The oldest is probally resembling when he is in his senior years, but the sooner you do it the better. Less form and behavior problems.
As long as they are healty enough for the surgery it is never too behind to spay/neuter.
i had a athletic 13 year old neuter.
The earliest you should do it so that the dog wont have any vigour problems is 6 months. And the latest is 18 months.
I guess you can spay/neuter after 18 months hoary but that is the put a ceiling on so that the dog wont have any vigour problems after that.
my dog just have it done my friend is a vet he says after 6 years elderly is risky. ,
There really is no limit. If your dog is immensely old (around 15 years or older), your vet will examine the dog first to see if her body can feel the operation (spay).

For male dogs- any age.

Spaying and neuter extends the dog's life and keep unwanted puppies from being "put down". I'm glad you are considering it and man a responsible pet owner. :)
The age does not matter- as long as the dog is in righteous health- you can spay or neuter at any age- the younger the better.
You can spay/ntr at any age. Its in recent times risky the older the animal...and they dont recuperate as quickly as puppies could.
A dog can be spayed up to any age, but nearby is a risk with elder dogs and anesthesia. It's best to spay at 6 months, before the first roast cycle begins, as this reduce the risk of many things, but it must be done in the past the first heat for best preventative results, which is why 6 months is suggested surrounded by most cases.
I dont get it, you ask question even though you dont take any suggestion,

Howldine mind if i take your word

Any age I enjoy seen breeders who hold spayed or neutered elder show dogs who were no longer going to be bred that be 8 or 9 years old.
As long as they dog is contained by reasonably suitable health the vet should be fine to do it.
Dogs can be spayed and neuter now as immature as a few weeks old on up. Older dogs can also be spayed and neuter, as dogs of any age are given a pre-op exam and screening to rule out any potential health problems that could put them at risk.
I own known decent 12 yr old dogs to be neuter both males and females. As long as the dog or cat is healthy up to release..lol..but obviously in that is more risk, longer healing times and it take more out of the critter than younger animals. Bloodwork must be done and it is more expensive.
My fathers dog be neutered at 11 y/o. They never planned on neuter him but he started to develop tumors and the vets said he would verbs to get them until he be neutered. So they did.

It's not a honourable idea to spay and spay at an older age, spaying and neuter gives your dog a longer time, cuts down on testicular and unterine cancer.

Get it done as soon as possible, it's just in good health for the animal.
You can spay or neuter at any age. Generally, the younger you do it, the more vigour benefits there may be for the dog, and, usualy, as next to any op, a younger dog will take the anaesthtic and regain your strength better than an older dog. Un spayed Bitc hes can develope closed pyometra at any age, which usually requires a innovative hysterectomy - which is riskier the older she is. And dogs can develop prosrate cancer which testosterone can 'promote', therfore a common course of 'treatment' is castration -again, this can be done at any age, but a younger dog usually handle it alot easier. It is down to your vet, and your dogs health, and nought else.
if your dog is male it dont issue really but if they are not going to father a litter by 5 or so if she is female and she is not going to own a litter SOONER THE BETTER

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