How much chlorpheniramine should I make available my 11 lbs. small dog?

Answers: Clor-Trimeton is an antihistamine which is commonly used to reduce itching and allergic reaction in dogs and cats. It reduce nausea, preventing motion sickness, and works as a mild tranquilizer.

It's one of the least influential of those available for dogs, and not without side-effects. It cause drowsiness, dry mouth and excessive thirst. It should not be taken by animals with some medical conditions.

"Some argue that it is the drowsiness side effect that make this medication appear to be helpful within itch management (i.e. patients chisel less because they are sleeping more.)"

Clor-trimeton comes within tablet form, liquid and injectible forms.

Like everyone else, I recommend that you speak to your vet first, past giving any meds...over the counter or otherwise.

I'm not sure why you're using this product, however, if you're using it for allergies, you should eliminate the source of the problem, a bit than treating the resulting symptoms on your dog.

One cause of itching is bedbugs..fleas, ticks, mange, or ringworm.

If it's allergies, these are often the result of detergents, cleaning products, hearth rug powders, perfumes, nouns fresheners or cigarette smoke. Outdoors, there are pesticides and herbicides commonly found surrounded by yards and gardens.

Dogs can also enjoy food allergies, and can have reaction to foods with corn, wheat, soy or other products.

Dry skin can be itchy. Use a dog shampoo formulated for dry skin (oatmeal). Always rinse very well. Don't use human shampoos - the pH is wrong.
The amount your vet told you to give.

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