Dog is still bleeding after giving birth?

vet asap
How long since giving birth?
Call your vet.
i would take her to the vet asap.
i think in this case do not wait and go see the vet.
better safe than sorry!
eeewwww! Let it go for alittle longer and if it continuse go too the pet docter!
Well, if you knew anything about breeding dogs, you would know what is and isn't normal. Such a typical backyard breeder question. If you don't know, call a vet...duh.
How MUCH is the dog bleeding? Some "discharge" could be normal - but if she's BLEEDING - she needs to see the vet. Lots of things it could be, for instance, a uterine infection which can be very serious. She SHOULD see a doctor ASAP, for her sake as well as sake of the puppies.
This is normal, her uterus is cleaning itself out. If she starting bleeding excessively call your vet.
call the vet quick!
she can have a bloody discharge for up to 1 month after giving birth.
now if you are talking a heavy bleeding then please get your girl to the ASAP.
TOTALLY NORMAL i raise and breed siberian huskies and they bleed about one week after giving birth ALSO you may notice that some blue stuff is comeing out of her to. thats normal if it is any longer take to a vet
You don't say how long after birth. If she has recently had puppies she will have a bloody discharge for about ten days to two weeks after she has whelped. This is quite normal.

My females always seem to appreciate a daily sponge down in that area with warm water after they have whelped. It makes them feel more comfortable and less smelly. Just make sure she is fully dried before she returns to her puppies.

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