Should I wake my dog up when she whimpers in her sleep?

I found her in December almost starved to death with scratches everywhere so she was obviously in a dog fight and not well taken care of. I don't know if she's having nightmares or what but I don't want to wake her up if she is just whimpering about something else other than nightmares.
Yeah, even dogs have nightmares. If you care about her, then wake her up and kiss her on the mouth. Then amybe fetch her a kibbles and bits or something. good luck,
I usually let my animals sleep, even if they are ''talking'' in their sleep. I noticed that usually, if it seems to be a bad dream, they tend to growl more than whimper, and they often wake up on their own.
It wouldn't hurt her if you woke her up. I like to be woken up if I'm having nightmares, but I wouldn't obsess about it if she's whimpering. She might even be thinking about food and whimpering because of that. Don't worry about it too much, she should be fine. :]
Probably just a dream. I would advise against it as she probably would only react in the most natural way she knows how. From extremes from submissive peeing to flat out attacking.
Just let her sleep -- she's probably just having a dream (not necessarily a nightmare). If you only got her in December she's probably still not completely recovered from her ordeal and needs whatever rest she can get. Just love her all you can so that she knows that she's safe and secure. Our dog has "dreams" a lot and often will whimper as well as move his legs like he's chasing something. It's actually quite amusing!
yes dogs have night mares theres really nothing you can do about them just give her a good home and alot of reassurance that shes safe
if you keep taking her up just because she is dreaming, she wont get much sleep and it could encourage other behaviour problems.

its normal, just leave her alone.
It depends on the whimper for me. Sometimes my dogs will whimper and huff and puff. Their little legs will just be chugging along. They don't seem to be in distress. It is more like they're having a great dream about chasing rabbits or something.

However, if they whimper and flinch or seem to be scared in their sleep, I will pick them up and hold them in my lap until they calm down. They sleep in bed with us so I just cuddle them and pet them until they relax enough to drift back to sleep. Both of our dogs are rescue dogs, too.
my dogs whimper, bark, growl, move their feet, wag their tails, etc, during their sleep, they're just dreaming, but if you're concerned, maybe she's in pain, make sure she's in a nice warm place with something soft to sleep on, if all this is ok, then do not wake her up... maybe she's just remembering the hard times she had while in the streets and having nightmares on it... u wouldn't like to have someone wake you up everytime you make sounds while sleeping.
nah, i would just let the puppy sleep...mine did that and still does.he is just dreaming or having a nightmare like we humans do :)
Yes. My dog does that too. I always wake her up and say are you okay. And she feels better after that
dogs dream too
just let your dog sleep, exspecially if she's having night mares. dogs are similar to people when it comes to sleep. you don't know how the'll react when you wake them up, and since your dog didn't have the greatest life before you found her, she might not realize it's you and try to bite and possibly do worse. so no matter if she dreaming or having night mares, just leave her alone and let her sleep. be there in the morning when she wakes up and let her know that you're there and you'll take care of her.
She is probably dreaming or having nightmares. If it bothers you, you can ake her up. Just think, if you were having a nightmare would you want someone to wake you up (yes!!)?
When they are whimpering or running (thrashing in some cases) in their sleep it is like us being in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. This is a period of sleep that is very valuable to our bodies and researchers suggest it is not a good idea to wake up a person in REM sleep. It has been thought that this is the same with dogs, so just let your dog have her dreams (and REM sleep) and she'll probably be happier for it.
In the studies done on humans (& my own experience) dreams are one of the ways to work something out in your mind-- be it a bad experience or confusion. I would let her sleep. My dogs have awoken with a start from dreams. I talk soothingly to them & they go back to sleep. Mostly, I think they are chasing stuff -- their feet are often scratching at the wall.
Good of you to take her in. She will calm down with time (my rescue dog took about 9 months to get rid of the "jumpies"). Just be patient & loving. There is no better home!
No don't wake her up.. Dogs need their sleep too.. When she is having a nightmare, just run your hand from her head down her back.. It will calm down the nightmare and unconsciously she will know you are there and she is safe.
No , she's dreaming and should be o.k. ! dogs do that !

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