When will my chihuahua start to show her pregnant belly?

She tied ONLY ONCE with the stud chihuahua on April 17, so im not sure if she is pregnant.
My Chihuahuas usually do not show until about 40-42 days, so it will be weeks before she will start showing. Her belly should become rounder and teats fill out at sbout 6 weeks.
My gess is to ask a vet because they know by the fourth week. But thats all that i know.
She may not show much. They are so tiny and usually do not hve many pups. Most dogs do not show until about the second month. They are pregnant for about 63 days.
You will be able to hear heartbeats long before she shows, pull out your stethescope or just rest your ear on her belly when she is laying really quietly and listen.
probably in 5-6 weeks, but remember, wherever your chihuahua is going to have the baby's, like in your room, you gotta have it nice and cozy, put a heating pad under where she's gonna have her baby's like under her bed...you have to have your room CLEAN!! That's a must, because if your rooms is messy, they puppies are gonna die, and seconds of all, you can't touch the pups until the 2nd week, if you touched them when there barely born, their gonna die, no kids should be in the room...anywho, he belly starts to show about the 5th or 6th week. good luck!!
Why don't you take her to the vet and get her some prenatal care? Chis have problems whelping and you're apt to lose the whole litter.

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