Dog is acting 'drunk'?

Please no snide remarks.only answers from people with experience. My dog, who's now 12, is having daily episodes of walking like he's 'drunk' (swaggering and acting off balance). He's been healthy all his life until a couple of years ago when we went thru convulsive behavior for about a week that vets could not explain. Anyone have a clue? Arthrisitis perhaps or something neurological? He acts like his hips are the culprit but then his front legs get wobbly too at times.
It sounds neurological to me- most likely vestibular disease- is he tilting his head to one side and leaning to that side like he can't balance properly? Given his age, and it being daily 'episodes' it sounds like an idiopathic or geriatric vestibular disease, as this can be fairly quick in onset and they can go through periods like you seem to be describing. This will often seem to resolve over a few weeks (though is thought to be a case of the animal adapting to it, rather than the condition disappearing completely). Vestibular diseaes can have any number of causes- some are treatable, some aren't, and some will resolve on their own.

Best to see your vet in any case- s/he can see the dog for themselves, we can't, and they will be able to do a full physical and neuro exam on him to pick up things that you may not be seeing.
The dog had a stroke. Put him down.
I don't know why its happening, but my dog does that too.
could be an inner ear problem. Talk to your vet
Maybe he has an ear infection and is throwing him off balance.. People do that so maybe dogs do too.
Could be hip dysplasia, ear infections or many other things.

Take him to the vet NOW. Pets who are ill rarely get better on their own.
hmm. Lay him down for a while and call the vet. My sister used to act like that! It depends what kind of dog it is. I heard some dogs get hip problems and that's why.
Have them check inner ear infection..often makes dogs stumble..and 12 is not that old. just put the dog down is always quick fix, not a option for those of us who LOVE our dogs.unless dog is in pain.being drunk.does not sound that bad.
This ones a toughy. It could be several problems. First things first, take him to the vet as soon as you can for treatment.

Now, on to causes. It could be an inner ear problem, due to balance and such, but since it's his hips, it might not be.

Theres a stronger possibility it might be Arthritis.

Last, it could be a type of seizure, or something close to it. If this is the case, you need to get vet treatment now. It could permanently cause damage to his motor functions, and cause brain damage. This is the prime suspect for me due to the fact he has had a similar problem before.

Of course, it could be none of the three. Maybe he jumped and landed the wrong way, or maybe his back just hurts randomly.
If you noticed this after he was having the seizures,? He very well may be suffering from a neurological problem as a result. Someone also answered that he may have had a stroke. He very well may have and this would explain the symptoms as well. But alot of time a vet can tell if a stroke has occurred. It can be a ear infection which also was mentioned, but that is pretty easily diagnosed. I would get a 2nd opinion from another vet or possibly even a 3rd. I know that it would be hard if it was suggested that you put him down even though 12 isn't to terribly old but if he is in pain or has a very low quality of life it may be the most humane thing you can do for the little guy. But PLEASE!! Don't do anything like that until you know for sure. Good luck and I hope everything turns out OK.

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