How long do Chorkie's usually live? They're a mix between Chihuahua's and Yorkshire Terriers! Health Problems?

Any health problems or special needs I should be aware of?
The smaller the dog the longer the life span. Of course good health care, including dental always helps. Mixed breeds usually do better than the purebreds. At least that has always been a popular opinion. Yorkies usually live 12-15 years.
Its a mutt. If it came out of a puppymill it probably will have a lot of expensive medical problems and a short life.
small breeds have long life expectancies- they can live up to 20 years depending on the breed...You should go to animal they have everything you need to know about breeds.
no there is not they usually live up to 5-7 years
Its a mutt, given a nice cute name designed to attract buyers. They are bred by puppymillers and very irresponsible breeders that do no health testing and are just in it to make a few xtra bucks. These puppies will have numerous health problems and you probably wont know about them until much later. Why spend thousands of dollars on a "designer" dog aka mutt when you get a perfectly fine one at a rescue or shelter without putting money in the pockets of puppymillers?
A mixed breed dog will take on what ever health problems the parents have. If the parents were very healthy and were both completely vet checked and certified before being bred together you shouldn't have to worry about health problems at all. If you did your research before you purchased or received the dog then you would know what the possible health problems will be down the road for your dog. If you didn't, I would call the breeders or the people you got it from and ask them what health problems did both parents have. If you can't do that you are looking at alot of potential problems that come in both Yorkies and Chihuahua's. Both are prone to a large number of health problems, ranging from bad teeth, to Heart murmurs. Take your pup to a vet and get a complete physical to rule out genetic problems, then be sure to feed it a proper diet and don't fall victim to feeding little dogs crap food and table scraps. Little dogs generally live pretty long lives if they are really healthy. Hopefully if the people that bred your dog were responsible and conscientious dog breeders they bred healthy puppies, unfortunately most people who breed little mix breeds and call them Chorkies are in it for the money not the welfare of the health of the dog. Sorry.
we have that mix she got kennel cough now 4 y/o no other problems.
First of all I do raise dogs. The media has got the the commerical kennel business under fire. I have been to several kennels, 95% of these dogs I have found to be in good overall health. I do admit there is a few bad apples in every business. Myself I have had repeat buyers. In your dog I'd watch for trouble in its knees and low blood sugar. Also small breeds have trouble with low calcium, make sure you are keeping your dog on a high quality diet. Please don't be afraid to ask your vet questions. Best of luck!!!
Don't listen to all the rude people who are calling your precious chorkie a mutt. I have a female Snorkie (min.schnauzer/yorkie) and they can live up to around 15 years!

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