Side-Effects of Switching Dog Food?

I've been gradually changing my pom's kibble from Prescription Diet to Wellness b/c it is so much healthier. Lately I've noticed my dog's stools are a bit softer and she has lots of gas. Is this common? Will it subside? I really hate to switch her food again, she is only a pup and has been on a few different kinds of food already :p Thanks!
Diet changes affect every dog different, just like people.Its really wise that you are doing it slowly.Some diets will cause the symptoms you describe.Gas is one of the common problems.I would give it a little time to see what happens.Sometimes it will even itself out.Just keep an eye on her to make sure she dosent get diarrhea.
Give it a few days, it should subside. The change in nutrient compostition often can cause diarreha. Try slowing down, and switch even slower.
try canidae life stages.. dry kibble only.
This can be normal when switching the diet. You can add a bit of pumpkin pie filling, comes in a can in the grocery store and is cheap, easy, basically pureed pumpkin without spices.
Just add a few spoons to each meal for the next week, or less if her stools are good after the first day or two, which would be average as it works fast. It's great!!
It's normal. Sounds like you are doing the right thing by switching slowly. "Organic" or "Natural" dog foods will give dogs gas. This is normal too. Just keep switching over slowly. As long as there isn't constant diarrhea and/or vomiting, then it should be fine. Give it a couple of weeks after the pom is completely switched over to the new food and see if her stools harden at that time. If not, she might not be able to tolerate the new food.
It's normsl for this kind of change to occur when you change an animal's (or your) diet. Think what happens when you go out for a big, rich mexican dinner. Get the picture? If the symptoms continue to occur, call your vet for a consult.
Yes, Yes, Yes to all your questions. Going slowly is correct. try backing off a little on the new food. Why are you switching her so often?? Its always hard on their digestive tracks. Pups Often have trouble switching, but it may be a simple case of you going too fast.
just give sometime. some dog foods are completly diffent from the 1 u might wanna buy and if u mix dry and meat froma can that i dog food u might jusr wanna use little amounts till u know ur dog like it
Why was the puppy on Prescription Diet to begin with? I'm sure the soft stool and the gas are from the new food. It might or might not go away. If it doesn't then switch to something else as this isn't going to hurt the dog. Most dogs tolerate switching foods, without doing the gradual switch, just fine. You want your dog on a food that you has investigated and determined it is the best for your dog and at the same time the dog does well on it.
Better dog foods contain less fillers and more fiber and protein, so it may take time for the dog's diegestion to adjust to the different formlation. It would be like you switching from a diet of only white bread to a diet full of whole grains and veggies. The body would be used to having to move all those fillers through, and then all of the sudden, the diet switches to food that moves through easily. It just takes time and won't harm the dog. It will get used to the new diet and her stool will firm up.
it will pass, but try to stick to the same one all the time
Its normal for them to have gas, they just halve to get use to the food you changing. But since they're a puppy, don't change it so often. Oh yeah never mix dry food with water, it will make them throw-up and have diarreaha.
sounds normal. just stick to that brand of food and eventually your pooch will adjust.
I agree with Bird Lady and my mother has been a vet tech for 20 years :-) learned a thing or too
You can try adding pumpkin to firm up the stools. About a tsp. to a Tbsp. a few times a day. And you may want to try a little organic yogurt for the live cultures (probiotics) or break down and buy probiotics.

If the gas continues, the food may not agree with her. Every dog is different. Mine were on Chicken Soup and now eat Innova EVO...they were not keeping enough weight on eating Chicken Soup...fine food for many dogs tho.

And Nakrissa adding water to dry food DOES NOT cause diarrhea. It is recommended for large breeds to presoak dry kibble if they are prone to bloat. And some puppies eat easier if there is water with the kibble. I prefer dry to keep the teeth cleaner, but do add water on occasion.

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