What age do puppies usually lose their baby teeth?

Puppies typically lose their teeth between 4-6 months of age. The molars and premolars will be first and the canine teeth (the large teeth in front) are usually last. Make sure they have lots of toys to chew on so that your furniture does not get chewed up.
i just noticed my 4 month old boxer has some front teeth coming in. I like to visit www.peteducation.com for all my pet questions and medical info.
My dog lost hers when she was around 6 months. I started finding little teeth around the house. It was so cute.
Saying that dogs do not lose teeth is untrue.We began finding little teeth around the house at about 5-6 months. He has a strong set of adult teeth now, and he's just fine. In fact, he was just at the vet the other day and got a clean bill of health.
Around 6 months
Um, yeah, puppies do loose their baby teeth, just like humans do. Our Border Collie lost her first just after 3 months and at 5 months is still losing them. I'm not sure how long this goes for, but I think by 9 months to a year, the baby teeth have usually all come out.
About 6 months to a year. I recommend you get lots of chew toys and bones during this time. Teething can cause behavioral problems sometimes.
They might lose their teeth, but they wont grow them back.
Dogs have 28 deciduous (temporary) teeth and 42 permanent teeth. Puppies have no teeth at birth, and grow deciduous teeth beginning their second week of life. At three months of age, the deciduous teeth begin to be replaced by the permanent teeth. The replacement process begins with the incisors, and moves backwards through the canines, premolars and finally the molars. The turnover process is usually complete by the time the dog is eight months old, with none of the original 28 deciduous teeth remaining. Most deciduous teeth are swallowed with food and never seen by the pet owner. Occassionally a deciduous tooth is merely pushed to the side and retained next to the permanent tooth. Retained deciduous teeth can be removed by a veterinarian.

The incisors turn over from deciduous to permanent from two to four months of age. The canines usually convert around six months of age. The premolars and molars follow in that order, with the last permanent molar erupting around eight months of age.

The exact schedule does vary from breed to breed.
My puppy started losing her teeth at 16 weeks. She's 20 weeks old now, and the new teeth are still coming in.
Between 3 and 5 months
we have a 4month old who has just lost all of her front teeth. i guess it started about 3 weeks ago, she lost most of them within a week. it was cute. she is about to lose one canine any day now, and has some of her molars coming in right now.
generally between 4months and 10 months, my puppy lost her puppy teeth around 5 months of age and she is now 10 months old and has her adult teeth
Puppies and kittens both lose their baby teeth at 14 weeks of age - no sooner - no later!

As those teeth fall out, their new adult teeth will start to grow in - just like humans.

The losing of teeth is how we determine age on dogs and cats that we shelter for after they have been abandoned.

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