What happens after my dog drinks hydrogen peroxide?

it was an accident of course she knocked over a small cup of it
If she drinks enough for her size she will just vomit. As a matter of fact, we use it a lot in getting a dog or cat to vomit after they've eaten something nasty. Sometimes they experience a little irritation and have a lessened appetite for a day or so, and if they don't vomit after drinking it sometimes they have some loose stool. Don't panic, if it was a small amount and even if your dog vomits it is normal and nothing scary. Just don't be surprised if she doesn't feel too hot for a little while.
Peroxide is often used to induce vomiting in dogs so I'm guessing that is what will happen.
Let her rest, offer plenty of fresh water and you might want to withhold food for a few hours until the tummy settles.
She may vomit! It is commonly used to induce vomiting in dogs. So just watch her and see what happens.
She will vomit.

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the things you can give your dog to induce vomiting if they eat something they shouldn't have.

Put her somewhere it will be easy to clean up and make sure she has plenty of water to dilute the peroxide and keep her hydrated.
Her turds will be blonde
The dog will throw up. Hydrogen Peroxide is a common way to make an animal purge poisens in the body...it induces vomiting. One vomit and the dog will be fine.
The Animal Poison Control Center says it induces vomiting
It pukes. What comes out is foamy, yellow and pretty gross. Could be rather rough spasms while puking.not like a seizure, just the vomiting. Get her outside now, as that is very hard to get out of the carpet.
Nothing actually... Ive drunk some of it once but i only had a bad stomach ache! i thought I was gonna die!
Depending how much she had she may throw up.

It is often used in emergencies when a dog has ate something example a lot of chocolate which can be toxic, you would give a couple tbsp hydrogen peroxide, so they throw up the chocolate so it won't make them as ill
Well, if she knocked it over, you don't know how much she may have drunk. If it was out exposed to air for long enough, it would be reverting back to water.

If she throws up, you'll know she got enough to upset her stomach.
Keep an eye on her for 24 hours and try to not worry. She shouldn't have gotten enough to cause her much problem.
How much was in the cup ? For starters, giver her a lot of water, right away. It will help dilute it. She'll vomit a lot and have a lot of loose stools. That's with just a small teaspoonful.
Anymore can be toxic. Call your vet. She may need her stomach pumped right away.
Besides throwing up - peroxide is a kind of bleach - so it's on the alkaline end of the PH scale. If she drank heaps of it might be a good idea to give her something from the other end of the PH scale to neutralize it - milk (don't worry, not all dogs are lactose intolerant - but only give it to her if you know she's okay with milk) otherwise squeeze a bit of lemon juice or vinegar onto her tongue then give her lots of water to wash it down cos she probably wont like it. that will neutralize the alkaline effect and calm her stomach a little, although she will probably still through up.

The peroxide probably won't harm her - it just depends on how much she drank and how big she is.
Vets do use peroxide to induce vomitting. So if it's a small ammount, maybe a little vomiting here and there "Maybe" but your dog should be alright. Don't worry if a week goes by and your dogs still sick take em to your vet.
they should vomit... My friends dog accidentally got a hold of some antifreeze... Told them to give him peroxide right away suppost to make the vomit it up.

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