Are there any breeds of dog that have naturally "pointy ears"?

I love the look of a dog when it is sleek, has a smooth coat, a large muscular body, and sharp, cropped ears (kind of like a doberman pinscher). A dog like that just exudes beauty and power. I'm looking to adopt; however, I would hate to have to crop the poor thing's ears. Are there any other breeds of dog that resemble this description type but with naturally pointed ears?
German Shepherds
Akita (not reccomended since it's a fighting dog)
Alaskan Malamute
American Eskimo Dog
Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler
Belgian Tervuren
Bouvier Des Flandres (when it's clipped)
Bull Terrier
Canaan Dog
Doberman Pinscher
German Pinscher
Ibizan Hound (one of my favs)
Miniature Bull Terrier
Pharaoh Hound
Shiloh Shepherd
Siberian Husky
Thai Ridgeback
Akitas have them. They are big, semi-long-haired, and big, lovable lugs. Look them up on line and you'll see for yourself!!! They are Japanese Bear Hunting Dogs and can be quite huge!!! Hope this helps! DOGS RULE!!!
a west {somthing hilind tearyer}. my ant has one
you could try Basenji, Australian Kelpie or a smaller dog French Bulldog

This is one of the sight hounds and is an excellent dog. It would need a discerning keeper and some prior knowledge of the breed. A really fine dog indeed ! Please do not crop ears especially of a rescued dog,these awful ideas stress dogs out, and are an affront to dignity. I believe tail docking is now banned and so too should ear cropping be forbidden. A Pharoah is a full breed and may cost a bit to acquire but well worth owning if you really could love and keep such a dog type. Well done for the adoption idea. Choose carefully and good luck !
i pharaoh hound take a look
french bulldogs, bull terriers, german shepards ... I'm sure there are lots more, I just can't think of them.
Rat Terriers

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