My mother dog is not producing enough milk for the puppies.?

they are Chihuahua puppies and about a day and a half old.
should i feed them by hand and if so how often?
well i breed golden retrievers and this happens all the time, but you need to just let them keep nursing. you can give the mom some calcium supplements or you can give her cottage cheese in her food, which will be fine. i go through this all the time when my female has pups. it takes her about 2-3 days for the milk to come in all the way and then when that happens look out it won't stop producing. just keep putting the pups on a nipple and they will do therest. the more suction they do the more milk she will produce and the faster it will come in.

i tried to do the same thing and hand feed them but they won't eat and suck on a bottle so i put them back on mom and then afew hours later they started to nurse really good. don't worry about them all you need to do is to keep an eye on them and make sure that they are not loosing to much weight. they will loose some after being born and then they will gain it back but you shouldn't worry just watch them and keep track of their weight. if you have a scale you can weigh them and see if they are getting enough milk. but try giving her cottage cheese in her food , that is a good source of calcium and i do it all the time when i breed. good luck.
Yes feed them by hand. They REQUIRE to be fed EVERY two (2) hours. You can get milk replacer from a pet shop or your vet. Do that ASAP in the morning. Tonight you need to be up with them every two hours and making sure that they get on a nipple. Try to rotate who you feed formula and who is on the mother because they need as much of mommy's milk as you can get into them.
Why are you thinking she's not producing enough milk? Newborn pups will lose body mass *very quickly* if not nursing, so time is measured in hours, not days.

If you have appropriate scales, it's a good idea to weigh them daily to be sure they are gaining.

If they are not getting enough milk you can certainly supplement. I would leave them with the mother as long as she is willing to nurse them, and simply supplement them after each natural feeding. The pups that do not seem to be satisfied should be provided a supplement according to your vet's instructions.

Supplemental products are available over-the-counter and have specific instructions labeled, and you could give that a try if you are comfortable with it.
1. Give the mother calium tablets to help produce milk with food be sure to crush it up.
2. Call the vet. also, and tell him what is going on.
3. Until you get a hold of the vet. feed the babies every 2 to 4 hrs. make sure they are full, especially the runt of the litter. They are always the one to die at first because they are the weakes. Keep a eye on that one. Plus the runts seem to be the smart and better natured.
4. Set your alarm clock, to feed them. It will be hard at first. But if you set the hrs they will feed when are ready, just don't let it be over 5 hr. feeding. This will also help in house training them also. As soon as you get up in the morning, take them outside and put them on the wet grass and that gives them the feeling they need to go. And get a wind-up alarm clock and heat pad on low but turn it on for a hour then turn it off.

Hope this help, wish you alot of luck.
Put the mother on puppy food fast. And do as the others have said, feed the pups, with an eyedropper or syringe and fast.(without the needle of course) vets have them in stock.

Also, the post that said calcium..yes, get some liquid calcium for her and fast.

Good luck.
Do NOT* hand feed!!

The MORE you stuff down them,the LESS they'll nurse,the LESS she'll PRODUCE!!

WEIGH the whelps DAILY! If they gaining,they're FINE! BUTT OUT!

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