I would like to get a Chihuahua puppy. I have heard they tend to bond to only one person, is that true?

I have 8 Chihuahua's myself, the truth of the matter is Chihuahua's are wonderful, however, they are needy little dogs. They want constant attention, if you are not ready to commit yourself to this little creature you may want to consider another breed. A Chihuahua requires quite a bit more care than larger breeds if they get sick they need to be tended to quicker, because of their size they dehydrate quicker, so the first signs of illness must be addressed immediately. As for them being one person dogs, any dog can be trained to be friendly to all it just requires plenty of socializing for your dog, but never forcing the dog into a situation where they are frightened. Like I said I have 8 Chi's they all do pretty well with strangers except one, and he's skittish because I never took the time to socialize him properly, so I take the blame not the dog.
Yes, it is true that Chihuahua's do tend to only bond with the person that cares for them the most and they see most often.
Every chihuahua I've ever encountered has been particularly bonded to one person to the point of being snappy whenever anyone else comes near their ONE. Actually that is not quite true...I do know one that is more of a family dog. That one was raised with children, but she still is more attached to the Mom than anyone else.
generally yes-however to make him more family friendly do not coddle and think it's cute when he tries to bite people-the worst thing to do.encourage socialization with others.
Yes. My chihuahua is very loyal to me. He gets along with the rest of my family but he seems to think that I belong to him;) Good Luck. Chihuahua's are so much fun.
Heres the deal. They will bond STRONGLY to one person. Mygirlfriend got one and i was there when she brought it home. She has obviously spent more time with it. but i spent a significant amount of time (almost every day) with him. Now when were both in the room, he'll run to her and be with her 9 times out of 10, but whenever shes gone, he'll follow me everywhere and stay with me. Generally when were both around, he'll sit in a position where he can be touching both of us. I love him. When neither of us are aound, he will interact with the rest of her family, but wont let strangers touch him at all before he tries to bite them. Just know that they are very affectionate to the normal people around, but strangers should not try to hold, pet, or pick them up
Yes, and they also are very yappy and stubborn. They can be very protective of their owners, so it's important to start the training early!!
It is true to a certain degree. Most of them do bond more with one person, but are usually attached to the family as well. We have a couple of chis who love everyone. Socialize them with as many people as you can when they are young.

Chihuahua breeder and own some of the best chis in the world.
definatly do your research before you buy a dog, and only buy from a reputable breeder, youll be happier in the end, chihuahuas tend to be nervous and bond closely with only those who take care of them the most. some chihuahuas can tend to be aggressive, so be sure to buy from a good breeder, and not a puppy mill. also from a groomers point of view watch their toe nails, i tend to see alot come in with inbeded toenails (nails grown into their pads) and they can tend to have very dry skin.
i've never had one but i too have heard that.
Dogs form their personalities in the first four months of their life. If a puppy of any breed sees very few people, or maybe even only one during this time; they will have a hard time accepting strangers after that. In order for a puppy to have a well rounded personality it should be around many people on a regular basis when 2 and 3 months of age. This is also the right time for it's first obedience classes where it will experience other dogs and people and learn how to behave around them. Waiting until later is not nearly as effective. No; a Chihuahua is no more likely to be a one person dog than any other breed. It's all in how you raise it.
They bond to the person that feeds them the most and takes care of them, they become highly protective of that person, but they will become semi-close to the family they are around a lot as well!
Yes, if you don't socialize them; and if you do they can be the sweetest dog on earth. This takes having other people handling them as a pup. I have friends with them and they are all sweethearts and are loving to everyone and other dogs. I even took a picture of one of them interacting with a very tame wolf. If you don't get them out with people they will bond to just you and may become a land shark with others. With most breeds it just takes time, training and love. Good luck;^)
alot of differant breeds tend to bond with only 1 person...it depends on whose around the dog the most and putting in the most time with it..chihuahuas ..rat terriers..mini dobies etc..all animals will bond with just one person if that person is with them constantly.
I have heard that and seen it. My best friend had one for 12 yrs.
No. My friend has one and also a great dane (a dumb great dane) But the chihuahua will yap and yap when I come in till I pick her up and she can lick and lick my face. I try to think its cute but its annoying and I already have a dog that wants ot lick like a fool. Don't want another one in my face
My neice and her Chihuahua recently moved in with us. Yes, PJ is most comfortable with her. But she's very friendly with everyone else too, except for my youngest daughter. PJ seems to keep her distance probably because she is a teacup and so fragile. She isn't un-friendly she is just being cautious, I think.
They bond strongly with one person, usually the one that their with the most. But they do not bond with only one person, they are so much fun and so smart! I call my Chihuahua a baby. He's very picky about his food and where and how he sleeps. When theirs no blanket in his little bed he brings one from the closet floor and puts it on his bed. IT IS SO CUTE....
No, they will bond closer to the person that they are with all the time but they bond with other people too.

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