How big of a backyard do I need for a German Shepherd?

Depends on the dog - if you were willing to always walk the shepherd on leash and the shepherd is used to leash walking, you would be able to adopt one without any yard.

I never approve adoptions to people who leave their dog in the yard all day - there are no "outside dogs", they belong with the family.
prettty big. but you need to walk them a LOT too, those are working dogs.
Shepards are great jumpers hence their ability in police work. they scale 6 foot walls. I would put a 5-6 foot fence. They are very smart animals.
I'd say enough so that if you decide not to clean up it's messes in the backyard, it won't overflow the yard. But if you do have a small backyard make sure you excersice it.

German Shepherds are one of my favorites! Have fun!
Size doesn't matter so much as how much exercise you give it- smaller yards mean more long walks, larger yards mean more fetch and games to tire them out. Even if you have acres of land- a shepherd still needs physical activity involving you to stay happy and healthy.
I have a husky, she may be around the same size as a German Shepherd. My backyard that I keep her in is 20ft by 60ft. I also have yard along the side of the house. She's been doing fine for years.
Yep, that should do great! Thanks for updating it.
well there a medium sized dog and i've done my research and I'd say either take the dog to a near by park where it can run around WITH YOU or get a back yard thats atleast half an acre[can't spell] or an acre[can't spell] they need quite a bit of exersize though so make sure u got some yard.
If you plan on putting it in a back yard and leaving it, dont get it. You don't need any more than a 800 sq ft. if you are willing to walk it and take it to the park to play; this breed lives to do this kind of stuff.
big, it depends on how active they are. if they are very then pretty big. but if he/she is not very then a big, but not so much that there is a space that has never been touched. hope this helped!
the 20x40 yard should be big enough to satisfy the rescue since you also live near a park. As long as the dog gets a lot of exersice and chances to run off some steam your yard should do the trick for bathroom trips or short run arounds.
it sounds like u have a pretty nice sized back yard. besides i would assume that your yard is big enough since u have typed in this question.
i have had about 6 Shepherd in my life.they are vary smart dogs,i love the breed. also they are vary strong.if it wants out it will get of my dogs pulled a fence apart with its teeth. i feel unless u spend a lot of time with it.big dogs should not be in the city.what ever you do,good luck.
I have an adopted german shepherd myself! I actually have a very small backyard... But he barely spends time out there anyways! He can go outside whenever he wants, but he prefers to spend more time inside with the family. The only time he goes outside is to do his business or if other people are out there.

We go for long walks EVERYDAY, and spend a few hours each week at an off leash dog park. We play frisbee and fetch, and every few weeks we even go to the beach and run and swim. Not to mention that we train for at least 30 minutes a day (sometimes longer.) You don't have to exersize your dog this much, but shepherds are working dogs and if you don't give them something to do, they will get bored and FIND something to do. (Like dig holes in the yard or tear things up.) My dog is perfectly happy and healthy, and is very obedient. I have never had any problems with the size of our yard; or lack thereof. I love spending time exersizng and playing with him. He gets me up and moving, and makes me spend more time outdoors. I have actually become a healthier happier person myself! Just remember that he is going to expect to be taken out and played with EVERY SINGLE DAY. He wont understand if you have other plans, or don't feel like doing it. It is a big responsibilty, but it is very rewarding. Have fun with your dog, and good luck! : )

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