Does a dog feel pain during euthanasia?

I had to perform euthanasia on my dog after he was diagnosed with lung cancer, when the vet was inejcting him he screamed very loud. The vet said he did not suffer and that about 50% of the dogs would scream. I have put another dog to sleep in the past but this one did not scream. Is it normal for them to scream during euthanasia or did he feel any pain?
The only pain the dog feels is the skin prick when the needle enters the different than if we're drawing blood or inducing anesthesia for a surgical procedure.

Have you ever been given a general anesthetic and they told you to count backwards from 100? You know how you only get to 99 or 98, then the next thing you know you're awake again and the surgery is over? You felt no pain during that countdown did you? We give the same drugs to dogs that work the same way. Except instead of letting them wake up, we give them an overdose that quickly (usually less than 60 seconds) stops their heart, their breathing, and their brain.

Some dogs 'scream' after they have lost consciousness, and that's a result of the body not wanting to let go. It's a neurological thing. But they're not aware that they're doing it. (People undergoing anesthesia occasionally do the same thing, but have no memeory of it.)
EDIT: Chetco's "pushing a scream button" analogy is an excellent explanation.

It is unpredictable in dogs. Some do it, others don't. In my experience, it's not as high as 50%, however. Maybe 20-30%. When I euthanize pets, I'll often give a very heavy sedative in advance, so they can gradually go to sleep and lose consciousness (but still be alive and breathing peacefully) in their owners' arms. That way, the owners can have have as their last memory a few minutes of peaceful sleep by their pet (as long as they want), rather than the pain of whatever condition they had that caused the euthanasia to be necessary. When done that way, they almost never give that last neurological/vocalization reflex. (But that doesn't mean the other way is wrong, either.)

You might want to request that if you ever have to have another pet euthanized. None of us will ever know for *sure* until we die ourselves, but I feel confident that your pet felt no pain.

My heartfelt condolences on your loss. May memories of happier times help heal the hole in your heart.
If a dog screams its because they did not do it right. euthanasia is supposed to be painless.
Never heard a dog scream being put down. Although I did hear the air coming out of his body-Sounds like a small plane coming down. There is no paid-Its just like you being put to sleep for a operation.except you wake up.
The pain that a dog will feel it is certainly less than if he will have to live with his disease. Do not worry about this.
They should never scream. The vet should be giving them morphine to kill the pain and help them relax before they inject them.
It's my experience that dogs feel no pain at all. The first shot the vet gives them is to put them to sleep, they then feel nothing at all any more and it's very quick. Your dog will not have felt any pain and I'm very sorry for your loss.
I don't know, but I saw some dogs put to sleep on TV. They inject them and they are gone. It is so sad to watch. Try to remember how much pain your dog must have been in with the cancer.
Well where did he do the euthanasia. if it was into his cephalic vein.the vein on his front leg then he shouldn't have. Most vets do the y euthanasia here. Also, they tend to give them a sedative before the actual procedure to relax them and make the sleepy and comfortable. I have put many animals to sleep and only a handful of times have heard them make any noise at all. They don't tend to "scream" but when they take their last breath sometimes the air, as it is released, passes by the vocal cords and makes a noise. Kind of like a sigh. I have only heard one cat give off a scream and it was because the vet i work with was stupid that day and did an intracardiac injection. Which means into the heart. This is incredibly painful and should not be done on any animal that is not sedated heavily first. Also, another area could be the injection into the abdomen, but that is hardly ever done to clients animals. Again, it is painful and should not be done in front of clients. I'm sorry to hear about your dog and I hope your veterinarian did not do any of the procedures that I have described as bad. It's hard to hear your dog scream, especially when you have made the decision to put him down.
Your dog may have yelped during the initial injection, but as for screaming, I have never heard of that. I had to put my dog down because of cancer. I went into the room and sat on the floor with her while they did it. I was so pleased to learn how peaceful it was. I know that it happens very, very quickly and I doubt your dog felt any pain. You did the right thing.
I have assisted in several euthanasias and never had a dog scream..but a couple cats did yowl. Most of the time it is a very calm, quiet procedure, but different animals react differently. I don't think your dog felt any great pain.perhaps he was reacting to the needle piercing his skin. Was your dog pre-anesthetized? Sometimes people do this to calm the animal beforehand so they are kind of out of it during the whole process. Someone mentioned morphine?? Never heard of a vet giving that to an animal in my life even though worked as a vet tech for 12 years! For people maybe.but not animals.
Sometimes dogs vocalize when they are being put down. Euthanasia is a painless experience similar to being put under sedation. If you have ever been put under(I have) sometimes there is a stinging in your wrist that causes pain for a split second, but then its lights out.

I assisted in many of these in the past, and I would say that maybe 5% screamed or vocalized when they were put down. But your vet didn't do anything wrong. And don't beat yourself up about this. Believe me, this death was way better than the alternative.

There are many things that animals do when they are euthanized. The vet that I worked for recommended that the owners not be in the room for this reason. But if they insisted, we always warned them of the possibilities. This is a common problem.
I don't know the answer, but I would believe that there should be no pain. You and your dog are going through enough without having to hear his pain that was inflicted on him. I am truly sorry for your loss and pray your heart will heal soon.
How do we really know for sure? We can only surmise from the physical aspects the animal experiences during euthanasia. Since I work in a shelter I have performed euthanasia too many times, but I have never had an animal scream. The dog should have been given a pre-euthanasia drug in which case the dog wouldn't have felt any thing because it would have been under anesthetic. So I don't know what your vet was using or doing.
The scream is a reaction to the drug, not to pain..It messes with the nervous that the noise is pushing a 'scream' button..
when my dog underwent anaesthesia, for treatment of his ear, he screamed for about an hour as he was coming out of the drugs..Not in pain, but merely a nervous system reaction..
I have had to put four dogs to sleep and I never heard any of them scream. Obviously the vet didn't so something correctly. Did he scream when the vet first injected the syringe? Perhaps that's why he screamed.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it is because I stayed with all my dogs when their time came. They were always there for me, and I had to be there for them in their final moments. I wouldn't have had it any other way. My deepest condolences on your loss. It's never easy, but I know what you heard didn't make it any easier. I'm truly sorry.

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