Why does my dog howl when I play certain chords?

Whenever I play certain chords on my guitar (I've also noticed he howls when I play harmonica) my dog immediately comes over and begins howling. At first I thought it must hurt his ears, but why doesn't my cat react, and why does he only howl to certain tunes? It is quite a peculiar phenomenon.
If he howls only when you play certain chords within certain songs, either he likes or dislikes the song.

If he howls every time you play harmonica, either it hurts his ears, he likes the harmonica playing, or he doesn't like the harmonica.

If his tail is wagging, don't worry about it. He's happy.
I dont know, but you should tape record him doing that and put it on funniest home videos!!
It hurts his ears. Same reason dogs can hear a dog whistle and cats can't.
Its either because he/she enjoys the sound of the music.Or it is pain full to his/hers ears.
It probably hurts his ears. Our dogs howl at sirens. Whenever I see the people on funny videos singing in a high pitch and their dog is howling with fright, my first thought is that it's probably hurting thier ears.
The same reasons they howl when a train goes by. All dogs dont do it.. but its common,,, its a form of communication,,, like wolves howling. except theyre not talking to anybody. I think its pretty funny myself.
Hi it is debatable as to the likes & dislikes of a canine & musical instuments but dog howl at the pich of things & cats uauslly don't give 2 hoots anyway so maybe your cat is a bit on the don't give 2 hoots page & the dogs just howling to the pitch of the noise.
Regards Jake
he's trying to tell you that you're hitting a wrong note.

but seriously..dogs have sensitive ears and can hear things we cannot.
Dogs' hearing is much more sensative than a human or cat's sense of sound. His behavior is probably due to the actual chord you're playing - the higher the pitch, the more bothersome it is. Your dog's howling is his/her way of trying to tell you to stop! And I would avoid playing the harmonica around your dog. I had two Dobermans that hated the harmonica! :)
The certain chords you mention are disturbing the animals ear drums.
Much like us there are certain noises we dislike. We complain so does your dog
your dogs ears are probably sensitive to a certain pitch/chord. And dogs and cats are two different animals, species,etc. Just like certain sounds may hurt your ears and not mine or we may be allergic to different things.
he is just singing
It probably hurts his ears because of the high pitch. im not sure about the cat.
The different pitch in music that we cant hear can hurt a dogs ears. And my cat lets me know on no uncertain terms when he doesnt like music.
Certain sounds - police sirens, ambulances etc hurt their ears. They have very acute hearing and since they can't tell you that it hurts their ears, they howl.

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