How many times does dogs have to be stuck with each other before the female get pregnant?

Once is enough and they don't always need to be 'tied' for pregnancy to result.
Careless breeding adds to the population of unwanted animals so get your animals spayed/neutered!
Dogs don't get stuck.. They tie..
It only takes one time.

Don't get her pregnant. We have enough dogs in this world that are needed.
Wow! Stuck? It's called a tie! One time will do it!
it only takes on time if they tie properly
its juat the same as humans sometimes once sometimes 3 or 4 just depends on the timing of the breeding and how fertile they are! good luck
If they are both male, Never!
If they are both female Never!
If ones male and ones female and the female isn't on heat Never!
If ones male and ones female and the females on heat and the male can't reach, Never!
If ones male and ones female, and the females on heat and the male can reach,
Maybe once,
Maybe never if the female don't fancy him. Obviously the male won't care as usual
It only takes one tie, but keep in mind they don't necessarily need to tie for her to get pregnant. Deep penetration without a tie can also cause a pregnancy!
The term is tied, and its not always necessary that they do get tied for the female to become pregnant. But, even if you do have pedigree breeds, please consider carefully about breeding. There are so many dogs and other animals unwanted that are looking for loving homes. Please don't breed because you think you will make money, don't breed because you think its good for the dogs, just think of the animals themselves and of all the countless of thousands looking for loving homes through no fault of their own.
it only takes one time
They don't get stuck, they tie. It only takes one time for her to get pregnant!
once can be enough but most breeders try again 2 days later just to make sure
We always did 2 matings, 2 days apart. I hope you've done all your homework if your thinking of breeding,
If you know so little about the subject then you shouldn't be breeding dogs at all.
May I ask...why are you wanting to breed her?

Have your taken much time on educating your self in this area...there's so much to learn in this.

Are you feeding your dog high quality food? If not, you've already failed in one of the first important areas of caring for your pet. If she's not eating healthy all the time (some only change to high quality food during pregnancy).then she's not being taken care of correctly, which may lead to unhealthy puppies. I know I'm laying it on thick .but others are reading this too.

There's so many people who "back yard" breed for many different reasons.most need to check their motives.

While there are some who do it to improve the breed or for show only...big difference.

It's silly how some breeders out there will charge an arm and a leg because the pedegree shows "show dog" or "champion" in the blood line, but they have not done any health screening on their dam or shire before breeding...isn't that what were paying for...a higher chance of good health? Show/champion does'nt = health! .come on people! .so that's where the back yard breeders come in...they know where they fit in, they know who will bite the bate...go figure!

My back yard breeder once shared .."I think it's fun". I feel so sorry for the mama...give me a break! Fun for who?? I look at my self as one who rescued a puppy from her...he's part of the family, trained and FIXED! He was one who was over looked...but I must say...they lost out on the best pick of the litter.

My point...check your motives and educate your self in EVERY area of breeding.PLEASE!
Just the once normally but if they've been stuck twice or more often then you have a pregnant dog!

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