Why does my dog like to take my spot when I leave?

When I leave him in the car, he curls up in my seat. When I get up in the middle of the night, he takes my spot in bed. Does he miss me that bad, or does he just want to sit in the boss' chair?
You're spot is warm and smells like you. Your dog obviously loves you, and likes to be wherever you were. I think dogs who don't get to sit on your lap will do this. We used to have one big dog and one little dog. The little dog was allowed to sit with us, while the big dog would sit at our feet. But if one of us left our seat, the little dog would follow us, while the big dog curled up in our spot awaiting the return of his friend. Both of our cats do this too.
your spot is probably warm
he luvs u very much
maybe cause its warm
ask your dog this question
He is protecting his "masters" spot until return.
My dof does the same thing. It's cause we're warm and our butts warm up the chair and then our dogs want to sit in our warm spots.
It's warm and it smells like you.
the place smells like you, and it is warm, and yes when your not there he is in charge. GOOD DOG
He loves you. Your spot smells like you.
Because it's warm and he loves you?
That spot is already warm, and smells like you.
Maybe he just wants to guard his master's territory because he thinks it's the right thing to do.
Seems that, it likes to take your position.
Probably it might found any similarity between you and him, as result thinking why should he not take place of you if......
It is a dominance play he/she is trying to test you. It's seeing if it can take your spot. My two dogs don't take my spot but they do take my roommate's (trying to clime the latter if you will)
It's warm and it smells like you. I'd be flattered!
does he move when you come back? or does he stay put and stare at you? usually this is because he wants to sit in the boss's the chair, as you so eloquently put it. if he doesn't move immediately when you return or if he resists any efforts on your part to move him so you can have your seat back, it's definitely that. it's a bad habit, because he may begin resource guarding furniture. many dog bites occur because of this very natural instinct in dogs. he believes that he can have the best spot and that it belongs to him and not you. this sets a bad precedent and can explode into a plethora of other dominant behaviors.

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