Beagle/Sheltie Mix?

I am planning on adopting a Beagle/Sheltie Mix puppy and I am confused around a few things like how big is it going to be when it get older and do mixes usually deed like the breed they look close to the most?
Answers: Your beagle sheltie mix will probably not be larger than 15 inches at the shoulder and will probably weigh between 25 and 30 pounds. As to who/what it will act resembling, temperament is an inherited standard. The Shelty breed is a herding breed and like to give chase. The beagle is a hunting breed and like to sniff everything out. Your mix is likely to do any one of these things or both.
Probably 15 to 20 pounds full grown. Mutts usually have their own nature and won't particularly favor one breed or the other.

Mutts are the best dogs to own.
since they are both abou one and the same size he will probably be about 25 pounds full grown. (no to substantial!)
It depends on the dog.
it could look like any.

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