Dog came in from outside with foam around his mouth, now he is eating grass. what could be wrong?

After he came in with the foam he started hacking up some of the foam and then ran outside to eat tons of grass. What would cause the excess foam in his mouth?...and no he is not rabid
For animals eating grass is like taking a Rolaids. I think he just has an upset stomach. make sure he has plenty of water an table scrapes. Also changing dog foods can cause an upset tummy
My dog used to do that all the time then through up. I think the frothing at the mouth is caused by the grass eating, rather the the other way round.
my dog did that and we took her to the vet and he said that she had a bad stomach ache. so i think it might be something he ate.
the foam was most likely throwup. he/she has a stomach ache because for some odd reason dogs eat grass when they are having stomach aches. he/she threwup because they couldnt digest the grass. try giving water and dont let he/she eat grass. some dogs foam when they get hot/thirsty
Ive been told dogs eat grass to settle upset stomach. As far as the foam is concerned it sounds like your dog has vomited
my dogs foam at the mouth a little when they are hot and panting really bad but they eat grass all the time. I read or heard somewhere that they do this naturally to clean out their stomach when they feel bad or something
He probably ate something that tasted bad. Mine ate a stink beetle once and started drooling really bad trying to get the taste out of his mouth. Dogs instinctivly eat grass inorder to vomit. Mine eat grass prior to thunderstorms.(something to do with barometric pressure changes i think)
he has a upset tummy...dogs eat grass to sooth their tummies...
The white stuff is bile, stomach acid. He obviously has a bit of a belly ache, and the grass will encourage him to vomit. Its not a big deal as long as he is better by tomorrow morning and doesn't seem to be getting completely dehydrated. He probably made a doggy mistake and ate something that didn't agree with him. The only reason you should be concerned is if he starts to seem dopey, you see red in the whites of his eyes, see white gums, or start seeing other symptoms that could indicate serious illness. If any of those things occur, you do need to call a vet because you have something more than doggy food poisoning going.
It depends on how much foam your dog has...if it is only a small amount i wouldn't worry about comes from spit bubbles...but if it is a lot i would go to a doctor...also the throwing up and eating grass means he/she has an upset stomach although it doesn't seem like a good thing, sometimes eating grass is best for him...also make sure he/she has no ticks or other strange bumps or rashes...if he does contact a vet ASAP...hope i helped!
Take him to the vet it sounds like someone poisoned him!
Your dog is feeling nauseous the ofoam maybe that he pucked, dogs eat grass when their tummy hurts, or when they feel nauseous.
i see large dogs with that foamy saliva around their mouths after they have been in the heat for too long and need water. my dog would eat grass after she puked-up stomach acid, which was a yellow-orange color. i guess it settled her stomach...
He is doing exactly what Mother Nature taught animals to do. He is cleaning out his gut by eating grass. Perfectly normal and does not mean a big bad problem. The foam was just gastric juices. Somehow dogs know which grasses to eat to take care of upset stomach. Doggie herbal remedy!

Should not be of much concern unless he actually starts vomiting food and water more than a few times. Then it might indicate a vet problem, ate something he really shouldn't have.
he just has an upset tummy,the foamy stuff is from him throwing up and its just tummy acid he should be fine does he have all his shots??
he's eating grass because his stomach is upset, the foam is extra saliva- the same as our mouths water when we vomit.
may have eaten something that upset his stomach.
it could b ray-bs u should check ur grass for any toxin
Your dog probably found a frog. I would suggest to wash the dog's mouth out with clear water.
The dog will eat grass to throw up.
My thinking is that it bit the frog, thus the frog expelled it's "weapon", now the dog regrets it.
Good luck!
Check your yard for frogs or toads of any kind. Sometimes dogs try and eat or pick them up and they have a mild toxin in their skin that causes a reaction like that. It's their defense to keep from being eaten by dogs, for one..
pretty much what most above said, but i didn't not notice anyone asking for you to check for diahrea in the yard. upset stomachs could be from anything, but there is no scientific proof that grass calms down the stomach they just think it does. the white stuff could also be from his mouth being dry kinda like humans get that nasty white stuff in the corners of their mouth when they are dry. drinking water is normal but if there is a change in his eating habit like he doesn't want to eat, then the upset stomach needs to be addressed with a vet. grass isn't going to help that. make sure there is no diahrea in the yard.
he is about to through up
its fine

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