Accidentally squeezed soap in puppy's eye?

I was giving our puppy a bath and as I was trying to hold the wet dog and squeeze some puppy shampoo into my hand, he moved and the shampoo ended up landing on his head, and a tiny drop went in his eye. It didn't seem to bother him, he didn't react to it. But I still flushed his eye with water a few that good enough or does he need to see a vet??
I am no vet.. but I would keep flushing it with water. even use a really wet cloth over it as often as you can hold it there (for the next hour or so). I can only imagine it would flush out all excess soap in the eyeball area.
Eyes 'water' naturally.. to keep the eye healthy. I am sure your lil pup will be totally fine!
But of course.. if it gets infected or something of the sort. off to the vet you go!
That should be enough. Only see a vet if it appears red & irritated beyond a short while after.
Shampoos are formulated to not harm eyes.
You did the right thing..Flushing with lots of water is the correct thing to do..
Your puppy will be fine..The answer below me is WAY over reacting..
Rinsing the eye well with water should rinse it out. There shouldn't be any other problems. Just keep watching the eye for a day or so; check for redness or any discharge. It either occurs I would see your vet immediately.
Most puppy shampoos are tearless. Check the bottle and see if it is a tearless shampoo. If it isn't I'd at least give your vets office a call.

Keep an eye on him, if you notice redness, swelling, him holding it shut, discharge coming from the eye - you should call your vet immediately.
Yes.that was the best thing to do,if he seems upset by it or it does turn very red and does not go back to normal within an half hour to an hour then you should take him to the vet!
If it was dog shampoo,then it will not harm him either because the makers know that dogs can get it in their eyes so they are not going to put dangerous chemicals into it.
Also,if you get soap in your eye/s you don't rush to the doctor!
So you can relax,and just watch him for any signs of discomfort!!
Hope this helped some!
Good luck with your puppy!
so long as its not red or irritated it should be fine.
That should be fine, just keep an eye on it for the next couple of days and make sure it doesn't look red or irritated.

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