Why do do some dog treats smell so good but taste horrible?

I just opened a new bag of my dogs treats "Tender TBon'z" (steak flavor) and it smells so delicious. But i tried just a small section and it was disgusting. Why is the smell so appealing to us but tastes disgusting. and why do dogs go crazy for them?
steak FLAVOR - its not real meat so it tastes yucky.
not too many treats use good meat source..

dogs like smelly food.. garlic is a favorite of many dogs.
They're tailored to a dog's taste, not yours. Carnivorous animals like freshly killed meat, I doubt you'd like that. Animals/humans have different tastes.
Dogs have a difference taste sensation than humans. Just be grateful your dog likes them.
Cause obviously they are tasty to the doggies. If they weren't they wouldn't touch em. They're picky too. It seems a bit odd to us but the people who make them do a lot of testing.
lol your crazy eatting dog treats
Probably because it is not food grade items that go in there for people, but is acceptable for animals. It smells good so we will buy them for our animals, but like I said why it tastes bad. Why are you wanting to eat it anyway?
Hmmmmmmmmm.. dogs find cat poop quite appealing, but I am sure you don't. (I hope!) Do you always try your dog's treats? Silly man.
i made that mistake with the chocolates ,i love chocolate and the dogs chocolates smell so good ,my advice is to stick to smelling
Yeah, dogs definately have different taste. We have 5 dogs and two of them beagles, eat their own poo. Ick.
I guess some dog owners are just finicky eaters.
Maybe you try giving human food to dogs. My dogs only eats human food and certains brand of dog food.. it's our mistake that we give her human food when she's younger.. my dog is no longer interested in dog's treat!!
O_O wow…

1) It smells good because a dog’s sense of smell is stronger than it’s taste. Yummm XD

2) Uhhh it’s not made for humans to eat O_O rotfl
Dog food and treats are made of dead animals. old rottin things from meat packing places. when a place butchers a cow for beef it has lots of leftovers like guts the brains, eyeballs, bones, private parts, and everything leftover. so it is not very tasty.
Amazing isn't it? Of coarse dogs thrive on raw meat and other things that you wouldn't EVER catch me near! They say dogs love the TASTE of these things, I'm guessing dogs don't have too good of taste buds. Especially given some of the things I've seen them ingest.

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