Why do dogs like to lick people's skin?

when dogs lick you, they are saying you are their master and that they love you.
Because they can't kiss you. and they looovvveeee you.
sodium. Peoples skin is coated in salt. the dogs love it.
it`s their way of kissing you and saying they luv you
Dogs lick peoples skin because of the salt on our epidermis!
Because we sweat a little bit all over, making it taste salty to dogs' strong taste buds. I guess they like it. Sort of strange I suppose...anyways...*stumbles out the door*
Your skin has salt on it, and they like the taste.
Salt. Plain and simple. Dogs don't get alot of salt in thier diet, and they like the taste. Have you ever noticed that they do it more if you are or have been sweating?
well i know the outside layer of skin is old

and salty and its their way of kissing and saying i love you

Hint:if you don't pay attention to dogs they will come up and lick you

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