My dog will not eat and is throwing up clear fluid what is that?

How old is your dog and what breed is your dog? If it is just a pup not to much of worry, it is normal.
I gather there is no diarrhea either. It doesnt hurt to wait 24 hours giving your dog nothing to eat or drink. After 24 hours of nothing offer a smaller amount of food then normal and see if your dog will eat and if he keeps it down. If your really worried, book him in for an appointment with your vet. They may want to keep your dog over night to observe as well as do lab work and possiable x-rays to rule out any blockage, infections, parasites etc.
Go See a Vet Now!
it's not good, get to the vet ASAP
You need to get your dog to a vet. Not eating is a sign something is really wrong. good luck!
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Take him to the vet. Better safe than sorry.
A reason to contact your vet. Especially if it has been more than a day that your dog hasn't eaten. If it's clear fluid, it sounds like it may have been at least that long since she has eaten.
Acid from the stomach. Your dog needs a vet.
You need to take your dog to the vet. The clear fluid may be mucus or stomach acid. He could have worms, and that's why he's not eating. The vet will be able to make him all better.
You better take him to the vet. He's obviously starting to throw up water since he has nothing in his stomach, or he may be throwing up the liquid he drank that he shouldn't have. It sounds like he might have been poisoned or he could just have a serious illness. Either way you need to take him to the vet immediately, he might not last much longer. Even vets who usually only accept appointments may take him in due to emergency situations. If nothing else at least be sure to call them and tell them all that is going on. They'll give you remedies to help until you can get him there. Good luck.
he might have gotten into something outside, or maybe to be safe take him to the vet if he doesn't get better soon.
Is it drinking water? The clear fluid could be that. Usually dog vomit has color to it (yellowish, normally, if there's a lot of bile mixed in).

If your dog is not eating and cannot keep its water down, it may have worms, a digestive problem, a "twisted stomach" (which will require surgery), or any of a number of doggie ailments.

The more the dog vomits the more dehydrated it will get. If it gets too dehydrated, its organs will start shutting down and it may die.

You need to get your dog, along with a sample of its stool (poop), to the vet as soon as you can.

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that happened to my mom's dog a little while ago. take your dog to the vet immediately. my mom's dog died within a day. we think it was poisoned from lawn chemicals. good luck!
Hard to say what is wrong. I would take your dog to the vet to rule out anything serious. Could mean a blockage, intestinal parasites, liver/kidney disease or just some intestinal upset
The clear fluid is stomach acid. Take your dog to the vet.
how long has this been happening? I SAY GO TO A VET. NOW! hope all turns out o.k. betty boop.
he could of ate posion or something like that. if there gets to be blood in the fluid or the dog has the craps and there is blood its more than likely parvo. contact your local vet
I think i would take him to the vet
sounds like your dog has eaten some bad things maybe rat poison or such, i would take him to the vet asap
get him to the vet, sounds like he ate something he shouldn't have and his stomach is upset which is why he isn't eating. The vomiting really needs to be looked at by the vet, sometimes it can be due to poison
he;s too ill to eat and he;s getting dehydrated and you have to get him or her to the vet ;before itks too late.go today if possible;i would;nt wait on this

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