White stuff coming out of my dogs eyes?

I just cleaned it out, it looked like white snot, and he has been acting strange.
If its white you are okay. If it turns yellow or green you will need antibiotics. You can wipe eyes with warm washcloth.
Take him to the vet.
take him to the vets. they will probaly give you eye drops for him. maybe he is acting strange because his eyes are uncomfortable?
I would call your vet. It could be allergies. My dog had weepy eyes when I took him to the vet a month ago. Our pollen count was 5500!!! It was crazy. She told me to give him Benedryl. He is all good now. To be sure he does not have an infection, call your vet, describe his symptoms and they will tell you if you need to bring him in. I always go with better safe than sorry. You don't want to wait too long and then face a really high vet bill. I hope he gets to feeling better soon!
call your vet, explain to them whats wrong. they'll tell you if the dog needs to be brought in and checked or not.
A couple of my dogs do the same thing when it's windy or the pollen is real high. Its the body's way of cleaning out the debris. Are you sure it's white or could it be light yellow? If it's yellow, there's an infection & he needs to go to the vet. If it's white & he's not rubbing or scratching his eyes, get some eye cleaner & flush his eyes a couple times a day.
Sounds like allergies or an eye infection. You need to keep the eyes wiped with a warm wet cloth until you can get the dog to your vet. there they will give you eye drops and antibiotics.

Good Luck!
Try cleaning your dogs eyes with wet cold tea bags. Recommended by a vet, it cured my dogs eyes.
my dogs get it sometimes. i just remove it using a wet piece of cotton. they usually will scratch and roll around the floor, then sneeze once or twice, then they're back to normal.
Our dog, Bailey has a similar problem. Every day he has a fair sized clump of mucous in his eyes due to allergies (we clean it out daily). Here are things we need to look for (as per our vet's instructions): If the mucous is clear, whitish or gray it's due to the allergies. Nothing to worry about. If the mucous is green, yellow or has red in it, it's either infection or injury (get veterinary treatment). Also check your dog's eyes. Are they bloodshot (more than usual)? Are the eyelids crusty or clean? Are the insides of the eyelids and corners of the eye bright red, or are they pink? We were given (prescription) drops to use on Bailey when there is too much irritation in and around the eyes. Our vet taught us what to do, your vet can do the same for you. Good luck.
you would be best advised to take him to the vet ASAP sounds like he may have an infection

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