How long should i walk my 4 month old pug puppy for?

she walks very well on a lead and absolutly loves walks
Aww I love pugs! I have a two year old pug and he is in very good shape. I walk him about a mile a day (he loves it). As the previous post mentions, you need to be careful with the weather getting hot.

As you know, pugs are sensitive to extreme weather, so make sure not to let over exert herself and take water for her when you walk.

I would probably just walkher to the end of the street you live on and back home (maybe 1/4 of a mile). I bet she is just darling!
as long as she is comfortable. My pug loves to walk but in the upcoming months he will not go as far because he can't take the heat all that well.
i have a 4 month old labrador and my vet said no more than 1/2 hour walks at a time. im pretty sure its the same for you
You don't need the "for" at the end of your question.

How long???..Don't start out too long. Around the block, at first, should be far enough.
not very long like babies it will hurt his bones
I have a 4 month old American Bulldog and normally he goes out in the middle of the day for little over an hour with my brother, but he doesn't spend all of that time walking. He walks, spends time laying in flowers (I don't know why but he loves that for some reason), and running around in a fenced in area. Then when I get home around 7:30 pm he goes out for a walk again. He has a lot of energy and if we don't exercise him then we end up with chewed up cell phone chargersand flip flops, and him running around the house like he is on cocaine.

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