Does breeding a purebred dog with a dog of different breed ruin litters bred afterwards??

It only means that that particular litter cannot be recorded as purebred. The following litters if from a purebred of the same breed can be registered as usual. We now have DNA for dogs to prove the sire and dam if there are any questions. Call AKC.
You need to remember that there are dog sexualy transmitted diseases just as in humans. Pure bred breeders ususaly keep the males tested against these diseases and ask the same of the bitches comeing in for breeding. if your dog is bred to a non nuetered run around dog you should get her tested for STD befor you take her to a purebred, or do any other breeding. It is not expensive and will save untold heartach later.
No, the next litter of purebreds will be just a purebred as they can be.
no u dont you wil lriun the brreding unless after u brred u brred again with same dog

That's like saying if a woman has a child with a man of a different race that all her children will be that race no matter what race the man she has sex with is.
Of course not. A dog is a dog. They aren't breed prejudice. Humans alone have that trait. Just make sure the dogs are close in size or that the male is smaller so it won't hurt the female. Mixed dogs are actually healthier.
No, unless the first breeding gave the dam a disease of some sort. Each litter is independent of the other, and they have no impact on each other.
well any way you look at it those puppies will be mutts.but if you breed your purebred dog with another purebred dog those puppies will be purebreds.but no matter how many times you breed a mutt with a purebred they will still be mutts...NOTHING WRONG WITH MUTTS I HAVE ONE...
The sire in the first breeding has absolutely nothing to do with the puppies sired by a different dog in a later breeding. Look through all the books you can find written by experienced breeders and you'll learn that educated people who work with dogs don't believe anything like this.
No.. and that is one of the stupidest myths going out there. A dogs previous litters have no effect on the DNA of subsequent breedings... its not like the dog keeps the DNA from the first mating to use later and "ruin" the next litter. If a purebred dog has pups by a mutt, the pups will be mutts and be 50% mutt, 50% purebreed. If the dog then later mates with another purebred dog of the same breed as her the pups will then be 100% purebred.

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