Chihuahua or Weiner dog?

i dont like either
what are your plans for the dog?
Get a weiner dog, they're loyal, always at your side, protective, and a lot of fun.
weiner dogs all the way (or daschunds) in my experience (and i've been around a lot of them) they have a better temperment :) good luck
What about them?
chihuahua only if you have time. weiner dogs usually end up having back problems.
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chihuahua i have 1 omg lov them sthei so cute
weiner dogs r cute 2 but i like the look of chihuahuas a lot better!! their my fav type of dog!!
Ridgeback Lab or anything but those two. They take alot of extra attention and care. Good luck.
I wouldn't get either. Depending on your lifestyle, I think a Dachshund would make a better pet than a Chihuahua.
chihuahua they are cute and more people will talk to you when you walk it to the parks and down the road.
either or they are both awesome loyal dogs ... just make sure an socialize them ...
Weiner dogs, Chihuahua's are uglier...
Chihuahuas tend to be "one-person" dogs, and while sweet and loving to their person, they can be quite aggressive towards others. Dachshunds tend to have more social personalities. Both make great apartment pets, "viscous watchdogs"in their own opinions!!!
Ack, I want both.
weiner dog their more kind to others. chuwawas are hard to train. if you have alot of people over all the time don't get a chuwawa
research them and find out about each dog and see which meets your needs. both are good dogs!
I think Wiener dog (Dachshund) they are so cute and Chihuahuas just yap and bark so much and every time i see one they shake and shiver so much, I feel sorry for them.
Personality of an individual dog is more important than the choice of breed. Check out dogs from both these breeds. Find one you like, who seems to like you, too. Ask the breeder about the temperament of the dog's parents. That will tell you plenty about who this dog is.

If you're not used to having a very small dog around the house, tie a brightly-colored helium balloon to his or her collar so it floats about 12" to 14" above the dog for the first 2-3 days. I'm not kidding. Stepping on your dog is horrible for both of you.
Weiner all the way!!!
Weiner is the Winner!!!!
I personally would consider neither of those dogs, because a Chihuahua has a very sensitive head. If you tap it to hard, it will die,(I AM SERIOUS!!! I'M A VET) and if it runs into somthing ,say a tisue box, it will also die.I had a patient who was wondering why her dog died, and eventually, wwe figured out that he had run into a tisue box. And dashounds ( DOBSONS), (weiner dog) get leg trama and injuries like arthritis in thier legs. So i would sujest neither for these reasons.
If you are looking for protection or have very young children then neither one. Otherwise I would have to pick the Chihuahua because weiner dogs have a very unstable digestive system. They get sick a lot if you don't really watch what and how much you feed them. Pretty high maintenance. I have had 4 of them in my lifetime.
chihuahua, because you can take them wherever you go
I plead bias, lol, weiner all the way!

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