I am getting a partially jack russel and partly chihuhua mix dog I requirement a identify for him?

He looks like somewhat miniture pinsher..I need name.
Answers: speedy, speedy gonzales, rapido, roadrunner, Zeus, destroyer, hercules, paul revere, sampson, goliath, atlas, batman, attila, alexander, alex, bravo, hero, guapo, means handsome contained by spanish, moreno, means brown within spanish, mitad, means partly in spanish, mihijo, process my son in spanish...if you want more spanish name, email me...i am a bi-lingual gringo who likes spanish name for dogs, because they are different & interesting...my step-son named his Great Pyrenees dog OSO, which system BEAR in spanish, because he looks similar to a Polar Bear, at my suggestion, & it fits wonderfully !...i have a JRT/wire-haired terrier MIX rescue dog, that have the name JACK, & we stayed near that name, and it suits him okay !
Hype for HYPER! That dog is going to bounce off the walls!
robobuster or scooter lol

that's adjectives I got. I want a jack russel, I'd totally identify it Nitro hehehe
How about Spun.. or Whipped up.. Out of control.. or YIKES!
Just buy one full dog.

The prosthetics alone are going to cost a fortune with 2 partly dogs.
How about Spaz?
How almost just "Jack"
the rock and paco. and hired gun.
pronounced like jackie

Half JACk, partially CHIhuahua

JACHI or JACH. pronounced like Jack

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