How can I get my 9 year old dog to stop peeing in the house?

My 9 year old male pomeranian will not stop peeing on our carpet while we are out or sleeping. We have an indoor cat with many coyotes in the area, so a doggy door is out of the question. he is walked in the morning and at night. He seems to do this out of anger at times, and out of sheer laziness other times. Sometime he will bark for us to let him out when we are sleeping. We've boxed him in our kitchen and bedroom so he cannot do it, he just finds new places to go. HELP?!
you can teach an old dog new tricks. put him on a leash and have him next to you all the time. when you are sleeping, put the leash around a door handle so that he cannot do anything but lay down. just like puppy training. take him for walks when you want him to pee. who's the boss , you or him?
dont Kick it in the nuts everytime it does.
Try getting a doggy crate (cage) to keep him in at night or when you aren't home. We got one for our chihuahuas because we were having the same problem. Now we dont have to clean up pee off the floor anymore and are much happier!
Rub his nose in it and give him a smack on the snout (but not hard enough to really hurt him).
First thing is to rule out medical problems and take him to the vet. Maybe he cant hold it during the night as he is an older dog now.

Make sure you clean the pee areas with an enzyme cleaner so he doesnt keep going back to the old pee areas.

All I can suggest after the above is to make a big deal with treats and "Good boy" when he does it out side and ignore him when he does it inside.

Good frustrating when animals pee inside!!
Has this behavior just started? Or has it been going on for 9 years? If it is a sudden change, then it's possible that he is has a bladder infection, or something else internally is wrong. If it dribbles out, rather than him intentionaly spraying, he might be suffering from incontinence. You probably should take him to the vet to get him checked out. If everything turns out okay, I bet he'd have some suggestions for you on how to break the peeing habit.
Dogs do not pee out of spite.
If he is an entire get him castrated as he may be marking territory.
Walk him after he feeds and sleeps.
Is this a new thing? If so, then take him to the vet. There is a chance that there is a medical cause for the bladder weakness.

If this has always happened, then there isn't much you can do now. Although you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, it is hard to teach an old dog a new lifestyle. You can try rubbing his nose in it and bopping his nose, but at this age, it may or may not work.
that is funny!
Keep it in a crate at night, just a small one will do. Dogs will normally not soil the place they sleep. A 9 year old dog will be able to hold it till morning, just make sure to take it out before bed. If it can't hold it, it may have health problems and you will want to get a vets opinion.
They also sell doggie diapers, if all else fails.
leave him outside the house!
Dogs don't do things out of anger, or revenge.. Has he been peeing in the house for the last 9 years?? Or is this new??
I have to think that you never properly housetrained him if he is still peeing in the house.. That is absolutely ridiculous. Crate him at night...

Edit: NO NO NO.. Do not rub his nose in it, this is a stupid idea.. This teaches your dog that you are nasty and an idiot who doesn't know how to housetrain a dog.. It doesn't teach a dog that he did anything wrong.. It teaches him that you are not someone to be respected.. And NO HITTING under any circumstances.. Aggression builds aggression.. When does hitting a dog teach him something?? It teaches him ONLY that you are nasty and mean and can't be trusted and resort to anger and hitting just cause you can't figure out how to housetrain a dog.. Quit hitting them, quit rubbing their nose in pee and poop... IT DOES NOTHING GOOD.. No wonder everyone has such trouble with housetraining if everyone is hitting and rubbing noses in stuff... Add this to the stupid pee pads, and paper training and I am surprised most people have figured out how to get their dog to go outside...
This why people have problems with aggression.. Hitting and rubbing noses in stuff.. Don't do it!
If he has just started this, please take him to the vet, something is wrong. If this has been long term...first he must be a small breed and they can not always hold it a long time. If he is barking at night to go out, then he is telling you he needs to go. We have three dachshunds and they will bark during the night ,usually once to go out to pee. Crate him at night so he can not wander all through the house to go. My old doxie stays in cage at night since he does not always tell us when he needs to go. Also, we have bought a belly band to keep around him(male diaper) when he is up and about so he will not wet on the floor. I buy women's pads to insert in this male belly band and it catches the urine without problems and change the pad as needed.
Hope all of this has helped, good luck!
this is not impossible, it is very possible, all it takes is some thinking, whenever the dog has to pee it gives a sign maybe your missing that sign, maybe not, whenever the dog does pee you should punish it but not in a harsh way for instance maybe not feed it a certain treat, soon the dog will lear, find signs in your pet and react to it.
If this is sudden behavior you should take him to the vet to check for kidney or bladder problems. If no problems are found your best bet is to start keeping it in a kennel at night or when your gone and get up a couple of times to take it outside. They don't like messing up their sleeping area.

Please don't rub its nose in it. That is just nasty and wrong!
Take the dog to be checked by a professional vet,to be checked for bladder problems that may be part of the problems he may be having,and secondly,when you know if he has this problem,take it to be checked with a dog theorpists as well,if you think it has something to do with how it effects the dogs emotional traits other than acting like it normally used to around you.
well set a dog place out side and put the won in side out sider
Your dog has peed all over the inside of your house. I bet you have a cat crap box in the kitchen. If I had a dog that peed in my house I would be looking for a new dog. I don't think you will ever teach the dog to pee outside. It's been peeing inside to long. You will have to replace the carpet the dog peed on. You can't clean the pee from carpet and the padding.
When you notice that he has gone to the bathroom outside (or on a puppy pad) reward him, tell him what a good boy he is and give him a treat. When he goes to the bathroom in the floor, you can put his nose in it and very firmly tell him "no", this way he knows why you are telling him no. At least he does wake you up at night so that you can let him out. (and putting his nose in it won't hurt him). And yes they do do things out of anger.
i dont know.try to poty train it?

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