My dog won't come out of the closet!?

Help me get her out!
Tell her that you already know, and that it doesn't change the fact that you love her for who she is! She'll be out of the closet in no time!
treats are a good way.
Leave your dog alone, (s)he probably wants a break from people and noises. My dog always goes under my bed, she only comes out when she feels she wants too. Let your dog have the closet so (s)he can have some space. As long as your dogs not doing any harm.
Did something scare her? My dog used to hide in the closet when it was thundering, because it scared her. The best thing you can do is 1) give her a little time to calm down. 2) Get some yummy treats, and offer them outside the door. 3) speak calmly. Not too much baby talk, because being too comforting can give them the idea that there is something to be afraid of, use the tone of voice you would use to tell someone, "There is absolutely nothing wrong! Everything is great!"

If she's still not responding, let her cower for a while longer. She'll come out when she wants to be fed or loved on.
Did you just get the dog? Is there thunder? Has any member of your family hurt her?

Usually a lure of food will work, but if not, she'll get hungry and come out eventually. Don't drag her out - that will just traumatize her more.

More info please.
Why did dhe go to the closet
how old is she
how long have you had her
is she pregnant
was she scared by something.

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