My Dog ate acorns of the ground.He throws up slime and acts funny? Are acorns poison?

Acorns do have some toxic effects for dogs. They contain tannic acid that can cause vomiting and diahorrea. If your dog is acting strangely I would definitely get them to the vet

A list of stuff dogs shouldn't eat here:
They are a little poison let him puke to get it out he should be ok.
theyhave an ewful lot of tannic acid in them, especialy the ones from Red Oaks. It shoulsn't kill him, but it is noy good for him either. I hope he learned they are not good munchies.
Acorns are not poisonous but are not good to eat without a lot of work. They are high in tannic acid which makes them taste bad. You have to shell them grind up the nut and wash away the acid in order for them to be eaten. You can then dry it and grind it and make acorn flour.

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