How Soon after a dogs water breaks will the puppies be born?

Our dog is going to have puppies her water broke about 2 hours ago, how long should it take before she has her puppies?
Depends sometimes on breed. Also, like humans, whether or not your lady has had puppies before. However, if she's pushing for 45 or more without producing a puppy, the puppy might be turned the wrong way, or too big to pass through the canal. In that case, take her to the vet RIGHT AWAY!

Good luck, and I hope that helps . . . if only a little.
She's probably having them right now, why aren't you watching her?
With in an hour.. hopefully sooner. If there are only one or 2 pups it is usually a longer wait. If there are a lot of pups labor progresses pretty quickly. As long as she is not stressed or pushing with out producing a puppy, don't worry. (yet)
in about four hours through my experience but ive heard of them lasting as long as 8 hours hang in there it will come!
Times vary. However once she goes into labor, and starts pushing, don't wait any longer than 45 minutes to contact a vet. If she is pushing too long it could mean that the puppy is to big and she cant deliver. There also could be several hours between puppies, so try to be patient.
it could be from 10 minutes to 6 hours. it all depends on the breed and if the dog is having complications

look girl u need to get her to the vet
go get a c section cause u aint supposed to wait!! if wait at all less than an hour. god ur lucky if ur dog doesnt die. the puppies r probably all ready dead and died from suffocation
Take her to the vet if she is straining and nothing is happening. If she gets too tired, she won't be able to push the puppies out. If your normal vet is closed, then call an emergency vet clinic near you. They can usually give her a shot that will induce labor. Believe me, you DO NOT want to deal with the consequences of a puppy dying inside your dog.
a couple more hours, prolly..the more puppies she is having, the quicker they will start to be born
You should call the vet immediately.

If the water bag has broken, a pup is supposed to follow within about twenty minutes.
soon enough.
get off the internet and watch her or take her to the vet!! run!

okay, good luck and be careful!
I am really shaking my head!!
EACH PUPPY HAS IT'S OWN SACK, PLACENTA, AND WATER!! Same as "fraternal" twins, not all in the same sack like "identical" twins
Come on experts THINK!

You should be contacting a vet NOW, two hours is to long for a puppy not to have been delivered after IT'S sack ruptured.
If you were more experenced there would have been things you could have possablly done, but now it sounds like it is probablly c-section time.

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