How much does it cost the euthanize a dog?

I have to put my 4 year old dog down. He has physical problems and is disabled and recently he bit my neighbor, who is 8. We knew we would have to put him down soon because his physical problems are begining to cause him pain, but because of the unprovoked biting it looks like later has become sooner. He weighs around 20 pounds, I don't know if that makes a difference.
We have made this very difficult decision with a lot of thought, it is not something we are taking lightly, we fear for the safety of our three kids and their friends...and also the well being of the dog.
I am heartbroken because I have hand raised him since birth because of his disabilaties, so please no rude answers.
Wow I am so sorry, what is wrong with him?? I know when I had to have my elderly dog put down it was 160.00 and that included Private cremation and they put his ashes in a beautiful wooden box. He sits on my fireplace now in front of a beautiful hand painted picture of himself. I Hope this helps
I am so sorry!!! That is such a hard thing to go through, but sounds like you are doing best for ALL involved. Call a vet and ask...some even make house calls for dogs like yours. Im so sorry again.
Hello & take comfort that you are doing the right thing for this dog, you loved him & he just got ill..the cost thru a vet can be about $50.00 dollars & up, thru an animal clinic, like spay & neuter clinics, probably cheaper, maybe even free in this case are doing the best thing that can be done..we've been where you've been & I'm greatful they have euthenasia for such things ...Take Care :)
This depends on the vet. My vet charges anywhere from $35 to $50 for this. That is with him keeping the body. I just had to have one euthanized on Tuesday. I know how hard it is. But, sometimes it is the only thing that you can do for the dog.
If he is in a lot of pain that is probably why he is biting. If putting him down is your only option I am very sorry for you. I would reccommend being with him when they do it. I took my last dog. It was an incredible experience. He was ready and having me there made him comfortable and it was a blessing for me. It helped me put closer to the whole experience. The vet let me spend a little time when him afterwards as well.

The cost is about $100 I believe. I paid a little more to have creamated so I could keep him with me.

I am very sorry. Be strong and think of him right now. It is tough. They are family. Take care and good luck.
Most vets charge by the pound. Rural vets are generally less expensive than the ones in urban areas. Call them up and find the best price. This is a difficult decision for all pet lovers, but a very humane one when the pet is suffering.
I'm so sorry. I know how hard this is.

It cost me $125 to put my Lhasa Apso to rest almost 4 years ago. She was 12lbs. It will cost more if you want the ashes.

God be with you.
Honey, Iam 44 years old and this is not a rude answer. I love animals, especially when they are puppy's and kittens. But,
the vet would know that. They would give you the best answer.
Besides, they are the ones who will do that.I think? GoodLuck! Iam so sorry about that.
Price varies by the size of the dog and whether you want to have cremated or bury, if you want keep his ashes then it is extra and the cost varies by geographical area. call your vet and ask what the options are and the prices, so you can best decide want you want before you go in
Euthanizing a pet is an ordeal for many pet owners. If you look at it as an act of love, as in releiving pain and suffering, you will find it a bit easier.
Euthanasia is usually charged by the weight of the animal and at the discretion of the vetranarian. A 20 lb animal should run in the 50-75 dollar range. The method is very quick and painless. Good luck.
I don't want to get on your case or anything because I know how hard this decision must be, but as a former vet tech I wanted to tell you that more than likely the unprovoked bite was actually a result of his discomfort. Many dogs in pain will bite (even the people they love). So it may not have been as unprovoked as it might think.

Have you had his medical issues diagnosed? And are they not treatable? Or can you not afford to have treatment? (I ask because you are asking about the cost of euthanasia).

If cost is an issue, you might talk to a rescue group or something along those lines and they might be willing to take on your dog.

Like I said, I don't want to give you a hard time. It's just as a vet tech, I have seen cats and dogs come in and get euthenized for something simple that they weren't willing to have diagnosed. I remember a cat coming in and being emaciated and extremely lethargic. The owners determined that she was dying and to bring her in to be euthenized. They refused an exam because in their mind, it was hopeless. One look at the cat and I could tell them that she was anemic and the reason she was anemic was the fact that she was covered in fleas (we are talking so many fleas, you can see them jumping all over the cat). A simple dose of advantage, some subcuteneous fluids, probably a tapeworm pill and food was all this cat needed to recover. But we put her to sleep while their little girl stood by crying. It was such a sad situation.

Now if it goes beyond that, I can understand why this is necessary and you are concerned about his behavior. However, if he bit the neighbor child less then ten days ago, you have to quarantine him for ten days before he can be euthenized (to check for rabies). After that, they will charge based on weight and how you plan on disposing of his remains. They often offer cremation, general disposal (which is fairly inexpensive) and if you request to take them home, they will allow that as well.

I'm sorry that you have to go through this and regardless, I understand how hard a decision it is and really feel for you.
I am so sorry you have to make this decision. We just did this ourselves, this morning. Our beautiful GiGi, a shih-tzu, developed respiratory problems, and we had to let her go. It was the single hardest decision I have ever had to make in my 52 years. I sincerely hope your vet's office has more compassion than ours did. They were more concerned in getting their money than consoling us. She was 19 lbs. They charged us $147.00, and another $45.00 for the ashes. Right now, my grief is overwhelming, and my heart goes out to you. I hope the transition is an easy one for your dog. It's never easy no matter what the circumstances or the age of the dog. May the angels be watching over you and your family and your dog.
You will need to contact your vet to get their pricing on
euthanisia. If you do not want the ashes back, it will cost less than if you want them back.

Call your dog's vet and ask them the pricing. This way you will know ahead of time what they will charge and can be prepared before you get there.

I'm very sorry for your loss.
it can be quite pricey ask a vet
well it depends where u have it done but is better you do it now then let him bite one of your own childrean i know it is hard my dog had to be euthanized beacuse she had kidny failur and was verry sick and we did not want to let her suffer but u need to think about you fmaily over the dog (i read the other post)
I'm sorry about your dog. It costs around a hundred dollars to have a dog euthanized if the vet disposes of the remains. It would be a bit less if you take the body home to bury. He will not suffer during the process. It's quick, they just go to sleep.

You might consider surrendering him at a shelter. They might have the resources in place to work with him or find a special placement for him.

Don't ever let anyone make you feel guilty for whatever decision you make. Dogs cannot bite people no matter what the reason. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made and it takes compassion to make them along with maturity.
when I had my pom put to sleep because of old age and body detriation they did not charge on the weight of the dog it depends on what you wnt to do with the body the shot was about 90.00
So sorry to hear about your dog. I am sure that if you check with your local humane society they would be most reasonable and take care of your dog in the most humane manner. I had to put my 19 yr. old cat down two years ago and the local humane society was most kind. Good luck to you I know that this is a very difficult but most responsible choice for you to make. Take Care.
Give him to the dog pound and leave that decision to them

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