Have you ever had a dog start bleeding again after breeding her?

My chihuahua had her menses on April 21. She was ready to breed and she tied four days in a row and then she was done. I noticed some more bleeding and spotting after this and her discharge still isn't clear.
A dog is in heat for 3 weeks 21 days; at first you'll see blood then it gets clear that's when they are ovulating, time to be breed. Then yes, blood comes back for about another week. It's normal. Make sure now that you add supplements to her food. Ask you vet what would be best. You want your girl and her pups all to be healthy.
if the bleeding was as flowy as a regular mens, then the mating was unsuccessful because after breeding the menses should have stopped.
With luck, this means she won't be adding to the pet overpopulation problem. Do you have any idea how many chihuahuas are dumped or go into rescue? LOTS OF THEM.
could be lots of things. discharge could simply be contaminated with sperm or it could mean infection.
bleeding could be from mating in that the mating has prompted some extra bleeding OR that she has been torn during mating (mating can actually be danerous for dogs - the males "thing" expands, hence the TIE, and if they try to pull apart at this time, both dogs can tear).

dogs are supposed to be mated during their SECOND week of heat. this means she is well and truely over her heat now and any discharge should have stopped.

take her to a VET for a checkup.
Perfectly normal. They will be in estrus for approximately 3 weeks, and the discharge will show color at the beginning and at the end of the cycle.

However, I worry that if you don't even know the basics involved in breeding, especially with a Chihuahua (a breed prone to having birthing issues and C sections) you've got a LOT of learning to do.

A female has three stages in her heat cycle. Dark blood, light blood (when they are actually able to be bred), followed by dark blood again. Each stage generally lasts about a week, but can vary from female to female. Your question isn't clear as to the actual date of her being bred.

If she had her first blood on 4/21, was actively bred between 4/28 and 5/4, and had a return of the dark blood from 5/5 until even today, this is fairly normal.

Unless...unless a dozen possible problems than can erupt.

Get your girl to a vet for a check up. With a tiny breed, you should be in constant contact with your vet during all stages of breeding: prenatal, actual breeding, pregnancy, whelping and caring for the pups...for the best possible chances of survival for these tiny creatures.

Pyometria is only one of the potential fatal diseases that spring immediately to mind in a failed breeding. There are many more. Get a vet check, tomorrow. Pyo will often have a discharge...unless it is a closed Pyo...which is much more potentially fatal to the female.

Breeding dogs isn't something to enter into blindly. Get professional help for the sake of your own dog, for the sake of the pups.
Dogs have a long period. They stand willinly for the male when she ovulates. After which she continues to bleed a bit, this is normal.

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