Do Milk Bones give dogs gas?

I think I narrowed down the cause of my puppies very offensive flatulence. I was wondering if anyone else's dog sufferes from gas when given Milk Bone brand dog biscuits.
Unfortunately, they seem to be the culprit. I have four dogs myself and have to wonder if the bad doggie breath or the gas is the lesser of two evils.
I don't dog hates them.
You give dogs gas.
If you think you have the culprit in Milk Bones, stop giving the puppies Milk Bones.
When I had puppies I never gave them Milk Bones or any other biscuit. I found fresh veggies and fruit to be more beneficial and the puppies loved the carrots and apples.
THAT is so weird that you ask that because a LONG time ago I had a dog that would too from them.
Mine get it from different flavors of the dog biscuits we give them.the green ones are the worst!
my opinion dogs can get gas from just about anything I just feed one of my dogs regular dog food and he has gas all the time
My dog farts all the time and people think it is me but for God sake I don't think I could ever smell that bad. It's almost like rotten eggs plus he is a silent bomber. I still love him tho'. I don't think it has anything to do with goodies because I only give him goodies when he poos without me taking him for a walk. Plus I don't give him table scraps or left overs. He just farts like an old man. TMI
HHmmmm,.dogs would be a good source of fuel, no ?
any food can give a dog gas
they shouldnt give her gas or give her bad breath - try a different brand from a feed or pet store
to many of any type of treats give my dogs baaad gas

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