Why does my dog poop 5 or 6 times a day?

She eats once in the morning, once at night. She is eating Nutro Ultra Puppy. Even when she was a baby (she is 5 or 6 months now) she pooped this much. Why is it? My other 2 dogs poop twice a day, but she goes a LOT!
She may not do it all at once and just does a little at a time. It is noting to worry about.
That is too much.that is sign of low quality food with too many fillers, like corn. Look at the ingredients.if the first two ingredients are grains, corn, or other fibrelike materials, the food is not of good quality.look for something else.

In Response: If you get all defensive about somebody's comments.then don't ask! And nobody said anything about Science Diet, we all know it's crap.
Its because she is on puppy food. Puppy food has way more nutrients in it than most dogs need because it is to help them grow, so her body has a lot more to get rid of. Talk to your vet about when you can ween her onto adult food ( you usually can once the dog is full grown). This will help her poop less.
Face it. You just have a poopy dog.
Is it diarhea? does it have a weird color to it? Is your dog lethargic all the time? If its none of that, you have nothing to worry about. How many times do you walk the dog?
feed it once a day the recomendation amount for its size, and it will poop once a day, twice is to much, makes a dog thats fat and fool of crap.
You're feeding your dog a top quality dog food - it's not the food. At her age, you might want to start introducing adult food soon.
Puppies usually poop more often than adult dogs. As long as the stool is firm and free of parasites your puppy is fine. She'll poop less as she grows older.
As your dog gets bigger so will her digestive tract.
Most puppys poop many times per day.
At 6 months old she is still very much a puppy.
You are feeding an ok food it is not the highest quality food available by a long shot but is is better than many foods out there.
I do not think food is the issue here.
You couuld feed her a low residue food that would decrease the amount of stool production but it is not a long term answer.
If she were an adult I would recommed less food and higher quality with less filler and less fiber. But since she is a pup I would not resctrict her food unless she is getting to heavy.
my dog will poo every time you let her out. i think she enjoys it. she'll even poo when i get home at 4:30 and then again at 5:15 when my mom gets home, even if she hasnt eaten. my new pup will poo 3 or 4 times in one time out! she likes to go, wander around for about 15 minutes, go again, wander around, pee, poo again and THEN maybe think about coming inside. but its solid, and she eats right, not too much, not too little, exersizes, isnt any more lethargic than before, so we dont worry about it. figured she's fine. some people just poo more. some people go once a day, some 2-3 times, some people every few days. lol. guess its the same with dogs

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