How long does a female dog accept a male during her heat?

They are both St. Bernards and she has been accepting him since the 18th which was Last Wensday.
She will accept him during most of the heat. Females usually won't accept males the first few days because they are not ready. She ovulates during her entire heat, and can get pregnant as long as she is ovulating, so you don't want to let them spend too much time together if she has a long heat (I had an underdeveloped puppy once when the rest were fine - the vet said she conceived him very late in her heat - he would have needed at least 2 more weeks to survive)
Until she cools down!
it only takes 1 time for the dog to get pregnant. but to be safe just leave the dogs together for a couple days and then separate them because the male dog will still want to breed to her.
it's time to take her home! the male dog will keep breeding her until she's out of heat..she's emiting hormones the hole time that keeps the male ith her until it's might want to separate them eitherwise she will get traumatized and not want her babies..or to get next to the dog again..hope it helps.
On average, a female will stand for about 1 week. However, they do vary. You should not be breeding for that long a span though or when the puppies are born, you're going to have some that are premature.

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