How to train my dog to smell cancer?

i just get a puppy and ive heard just about 3 week long classes to train your puppy to smell cancer. ive tried looking it up but havent found anything. does anyone know anything about these classes?

by the opening, my puppy's only 10 weeks, so i know she's still to infantile for classes, shes a golden retriever if that helps.

Answers: I don't know a website or where to find any info but I required to let you know I suggest it is a great idea. I enjoy seen dogs on animal planet that be trained to smell cancer. Good Luck
...uuuu i dont think a dog can smell cancer..ut polite luck!
You can't smell cancer. Dogs can't either. I'm pretty sure someone purely told you that because you would believe them.
Dogs are indeed used to smell certain kind of cancers, but usually after a biopsy is done.
I am not aware of how you would move about about training the dog. Perhaps contact the American Cancer Society?
This page have a bit of information on what REALLY happens.
Well I hold heard of dogs that can smell cancer, my aunt adopt one and she doesn't even know where it be trained. Just keep looking around and ask friends to keep under surveillance for you. Good Luck!

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