I just found skinny long pink worms in my 5 puppies stool and pee. What should I do?

They are turning 6 weeks tomorrow and my vet is closed today. Yesterday I just started feeding them and I fed them ESBILAC 2nd step puppy food. I also threw in a small chewing toy also from esbilac. It was a little latex binki that was supposedly vanilla flavored. I barely saw the worms today, I have never seen a worm come out of their butts til today. We had just been given another dog (female border terrier) and she was three months old, she had worms also. Yes, we allowed contact between the two dogs, but we had previously taken B.J to the vet for a checkup and they de-wormed her so do you think the worms were transfered from b.j (border terrier) to the puppies if they licked eachother? what kind of worms could they be? Are they serious? What should I do, my vet is closed?!
sounds like your doing a good job with the worms dogs do share worms so it be would be good to put them all on de-worming medication
raise the cute little worms!
I wouldn't panic too much. Dogs can "share" worms and while yes they need to be treated they will be fine till tomorrow, just makes sure everyone is eating and pooping fine. Clean up all the poops and ensure that the areas are clean.

Sounds like your doing a great job so far.
well call a emergancy vet line or try 1800findapet they have a emergency line they will be able to tell u what to do
anytime you see worms, yes it is serious. take them to the vet as soon as it opens. get the medication and everything should be fine.
I know it's gross but you don't need to panic. Your puppies need to go to the vet to be wormed. It can wait until tomorrow.

Most puppies have worms and your vet can take care of it easily for you.

Hang in there and good luck.
They will live until Monday. But in the meantime they are shedding eggs for these worms. Keep any children away from the animals. Clean up ALL feces in a plastic bag and dispose of. Make up a bottle of bleach and water and spray where they go to the bathroom. WASH your hands
(PS. To animal health care workers: where are all these vets that are closed on the weekend? And can I get a job there? ;)
Hi firstly don't panic as the worms are not likely to harm your dog before the vet opens as they have had these worms since they were born.simple as the female carries the worms in her & during preganacy they pass thru the blood stream into the puppies.they manifest in the lungs & then the puppies cough them up & swallow them into their tummy & that is how your dog first gets worms..no need to run to the vet they will be just fine until you can get them their worm treatment.Regards Jake
They sounds like pin worms, who are reletively harmless. They lay thier eggs in the dirt, and each egg is this size- "." So if your dog got dirt on a toy, and then chewed on it, the egg got into its system and hatched. They live right outside the butt hole. I think the most they can do is make your puppies butts itch REALLY REALLY bad. My sister got them. she had dirt in her nail and then sucked her thumb. It was good shes a baby, because mom saw a little worm on her butt when she was getting changed. So take your dogs the vet as soon as possible, and they will put them on meds. good luck!
I agree with Miss Trouble.
get them all dewormed
Take the pups to the vet first thing tomorrow. There should not be worms coming out in their pee, so not sure what you have going on there.
maybe you should try another puupyfood. their probaly just like tapeworms but maybe tak them to another vet since that 1 is closed.
any pup that shows signs of worms should be taken to the vet. one day won't hurt but they should be seen and treated. yes they can transfer certain worms but puppies most of the time are born with worms in their intestinal tract. deworming is the only thing for all animals
You should definitely get your puppies to the vet as soon as possible. The puppies probably did get the worms from your other dog. You should call the vet's office when they are open and make an appointment to get the puppies checked out.
you need to get dewormer fast. your dog apparently has worms. my girl dog when she was younger had it. i got her the medicine and she is happy and healthy today. usually u can find it at the pet store, a walmart, where i come from at a rural king. i wish u the best of luck, hurting puppies breaks my heart.
go to a pet store first and ask the people there and then they might have something for the puppys or try to find a different vet in your state.
That Is Not Good Take The Dog To The Vet.That Could Kill The Animal.They Will You Give You Medicine For The Dog.
If you are a "breeder" then you should know that all puppies have roundworms.You should also know to deworm the puppies at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks of age and to also deworm the mom at the same times.

The worms were NOT transfered to the puppies by any other dog licking them. Roundworms in puppies can be very serious, even deadly.
If you are seeing the worms it means the infestation is heavy especially if they are not only pooping worms but vomiting them as well. These pups need to be dewormed by a vet asap and will need to be dewormed again in 2 weeks.

Do NOT use oTC dewormers.They aren't very effective and they can be very dangerous especially to puppies.
There is over the counter meds for worms just make sure you get the puppy one.
Treat them both and you shouldnt need to go tothe vet unless they are not gone in 4 wks.You give them the first does then 4 wks later or what the label says you treat them again.But if you dont feel comfortable doing it your self the vet can do it for you and they will be fine untill you get there as long as it is not longer than 1-2wks of them having them.

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