Is there anywhere to save my dogs sperm for future breeding's after he dies?

My dog is getting very old and he is an AKC champion. Before he passes away I would like to save his sperm so I can breed a female in the future with it. Any ideas?
Yes, there are several banks for semen storing. You need to get it collected by a certain vets and then it will be frozen and stored. Last time I had a male stored, it was about $400 to have it collected and frozen, then it is a yearly fee for the storage.
Finding one depends on where in the country you live, but contacting the nearest Vet University Hospital is a good idea. They should be able to tell you where the closest one is in your area.
It does of course make the breeding from the frozen semen more expensive also!
Have it frozen. It is done all the time with horses.
talk to your vet
Your vet is probably the best place to ask. Go reputable though - dont go for the cheap options.
Yes, there is..but only if he is still very fertile..If you email me your county, I will help you find an AI specialist near you..but, the first thing you have to do is have his motility tested..Being old isn't usually the problem, but overweight is the biggest hindrance to being fertile..
Well, human male sperm stays alive for 72 hours. I am not so sure about your idea.

Now whether it is feasible if he is older is another question. Sperm decrease in motility and viablity as the males age. He may be perfectly capable of getting a female in whelp if bred live or by live AI but the sperm will not freeze well.

When it first started to be available a few years ago, I know his owner thought long and hard about freezing semen from my young dog's grandsire; however he was over 9 and the semen didn't test as suitable for freezing.

It is EXPENSIVE - very expensive - to do. To date, his breeder/owner has only frozen a dozen or so breedings from my young dog's sire - and he is the No. 1 sire in the breed and the No. 1-2 show dog and commands $1500 per breeding.

He will need a full reproduction work up with a compelte emens analysis

Contact the nearest vet school to find someone who is working in this area. They are pretty few and far between this in nnot something the local vet can do. You may have to drive or fly to a clinic with him for the testing and collection.

By the way, the frozen semen has to be stored in special units - you can't keep it at home and there is, of course, a fee for that service.

You may find it more cost effective to do a lease of a top flight b -t-h with a co-own on the litter and just get the pups on the ground now.
there probably are clinics for this to be done

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