What's the real name for a Dulux Dog??

I never knew the real name fot this dog - only ever knew it as the Dulux dog, such was the power of the Dulux adverts!!
I too have succumbed to the power of the Dulux ad.however I do think that the dog is an Old English Sheepdog.
Its an English Sheepdog

digby haha
Old English Sheep Dog.
Bill. but as I understand it they like to be called William!
Hi,i like to call them Dulux Dogs aswell
But they are Old English Sheep Dogs
i would love to own one
Old Englsh Sheep Dog
old eng sheepdog
There called Old English Sheep Dogs.
It's an Old English Sheepdog , i believe.
The correct name of this breed is "Old English Sheepdog".
english sheep dog
The Old English Sheepdog. I bred and raise them. I always want to sell a good litter, but I end up keepin them all, lol. I have 32.
old englsh sheepdog
It is called an Old English Sheepdog.
It's an Old English Sheepdog
old engligh sheep dog
They are Old English Sheepdogs and I have 2 of them. We also call them Bobtails and the people who have them are often refered to as Bobtailers.
Old English Sheepdogs. Ole Boot from the Perishers cartoon strip is an Old English.

The original Dulux dog was called Digby as mentioned by one of your other answerers but there have been many more since Digby.

They are also known as Bobtails because of their very short docked tails. I saw one the other day with a tail - it was very long and thick and similar to a Border Collie tail with a white tip.
an old english sheepdog
Old English Sheepdog, we used to have one called Wellington, great pets!
Old English Sheep Dog.

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