My puppy is mean! HELP!?

OK I have a puppy who is about 13 weeks old, and she is so mean! Is there anything that I can do to make her clam down? Everytime you walk up or down the stairs she follows and bites at your legs or pants. Anytime that I try to clean the house she attacks everything that I use. And she plays really rough too, biting and scratching. Plus I am tryingt o house train her but everytime that I lay down one of those mats she rips it all apart. I can't keep her out of the bathroom trash, and she eats all of our shoes up! Is there anyway that I can calm her down because in four more weeks we will be having a new baby and I dont want her hurting the baby, I dont even want to have to worry about that because I want her to learn how to behave, I just dont know how to teach her. When she bites I tell her no in a mean voice but that just makes her worse, and I have tapped her on the mouth a couple times but she thinks that I am just playing with her. What can I do? And is there like anything...
You need to get her into some puppy classes and later in obedience classes. Limit her access to the home so she can't get to stuff to destroy it. Try potty training her to go outside not to use potty pads...start potty training over...

Whenever the dog is in the house and not crated put a body harness and leash on the dog, tie end of leash to your belt. Wherever you go the dog goes. When you see the dog start to signal (sniff/circle/scratch) that it's got to go than run the dog out to where you want it to go. Praise, reward (immediately) and use a command word consistently. When the dog shows it's learned to go outside consistently by dragging you to the outside than you can undo the leash from your belt. Keep the leash on the dog still and keep an eye on it whenever it is in the house and not crated so if it starts to make an accident you can grab the leash and run it outside. Once it is going outside with no attempted accidents for at least a week than you can take the leash off.

The most common mistake in potty training is giving the dog freedom to roam the house without supervision where the human doesn't see the dog signal it needs to go.

And if your dog is a puppy remember it only has an average hold time of 1 hour for every month of it's life until they reach 8-10 months or so and can hold overnight (usually).

Small breed dogs stay puppy until about a year old, and large breed dogs until 2-3 and will require lots of exercise and socialization so if she's too much for you now what will you do when your baby arrives?

If this is too much consider re-homing her with a family who has the time to train her and play with her.
my dogs sister is mean
i dont own her
but u have to train her and maybe spaying will help
10 toys and lots of fetch puppies need all day long.
I think that's normal puppy stuff.

Both my dogs (neither of which are puppies any more: 2 and 5 years old now) like to chase the broom when people clean, like to eat out of the trash. As for the nipping at your legs and the scratching she's probably trying to get your attention.

My youngest dog is a siberian husky and when he first came here he was trouble... chewed everything in his path, but he grew out of it. You just need to discipline the puppy... tell it NO loudly and sternly, give it a slight pat on it's back end (don't beat on it, just lightly), and most of all, when the puppy does do something good... praise her for it. If you yell and discipline over the bad, and praise and reward over the good, she'll begin to realize that she wants to be a good girl, and will grow out of her bad habits.

Hope this helps. :-)
She sounds like a normal puppy to me. Put the trash where she can't reach it. Put the shoes away. Don't use puppy pads - crate train her. When she bites in play, just get up and walk away and ignore her - that's what adult dogs do. It teaches them that biting gets them ignored. When she is big enough (when her shots are done) she needs to go to obedience school to learn how to get along with other dogs and other people.

She is a baby and hasn't learned her manners. I hope you are more patient with your own baby. Why on earth did you take on a new puppy when you have a baby due so soon?
There is no easy fix for problems like these. This is the way that puppies behave and without proper training, she will continue to do these things, which you definitely don't want if you are expecting a baby. Consult a professional trainer. You need to teach this puppy at the very least basic obedience.
When she bites you, yipe like a wounded puppy. It sounds stupid, but it works. Exersize will help calm her down. If this or something else does not work, you may have to find her a new home.
Having a baby and a puppy at the same time is not a good combo. At her age she is just being a puppy. All puppies are like that. They all chew and get into things and bite. No hands and fingers kind of makes that important. You need a crate to put her in when you don't want her getting into things. There are a lot of other things you can do with her to make her tired and rest too. A walk, a little play outside. No, there is nothing you can give her to calm her down, she is just a puppy.
This is normal for a puppy!

Listen, don't despair. Just get her trained and work on her obedience in the mean time.

When she's biting, stop playing immediately.
Or when she bites too hard, let out a 'doggy like' yelp and say 'NO'. She will eventually realise she has hurt you and learn to control her jaw pressure.

Try to wear her out during the day by playing fetch or training her (it really tires them!)

In four months she will be a lot calmer. (Training is a must!) But you have failed to mention what breed or mix she is. A springer spaniel or setter type will be CRAZY, running around the house, utter mayhem, IF they do not get enough excersise. This goes for a lot of other breeds like Dalmations too.
So make sure and walk her every day once she's had all her shots.

Keep the things you don't want chewed away from her. Simple as that. She dosn't know any better.

Make sure she has enough toys. And vary them, some fluffy so she can destroy them and some hard for her to chew.

Don't worry, she'll be a great dog when she gets a bit older!

Good luck!
every time she bites put something spicy in here mouth and put her in time out lock her in some were but not to long because if u lock her in 2 long she will become worse than what she is now and if her problem just started see and try to find out what happened

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