Make a dog drowsy?

Is there a safe, cheap, and effective way to make my dog drowsy so it will go to sleep? I am having a party and with all the people the dog will go crazy if i lock it in a room.

I hear benadryl is a good thing to use, but is it safe?
Benedryl is fine, We used it for the 4th of July party we had at the house. Way too many people and I didnt want her to get out or bite someone. We have a female retriever at 85 lbs. I gave her 2mg per pound. You can use the liquid {harder to measure} or the tabs wrapped in cheese, you may have to bust one in half, depending on the weight of your dog.. Have fun at your party while your dog sleeps like a baby, make sure you let her out to go potty before she gets sleepy. Below is a link I found helpful for medicating your dog it includes information on Benedryl.
You can give a dog benadryl for allergies but it doesn't always make them drowsy. It wires one of my dogs.

Try an herbal approach - a product called Rescue Remedy.

And consider crate training.
NEVER DRUG A ANIMAL FOR ANY REASON. Try putting it on a runner outside or something.
I wouldn't just to make them drowsy, but benadryl does work, I have used it on my dog who has allergies and she got drowsy and it hasn't hurt her.
I never lock my dogs away when we have alot of people over. They need to be socialized & learn how to behave around different people. Mine usually check everyone out, sometimes play with them & then go lay down where they are comfortable. It's inhumane in my opinion to drug a dog for your convenience.
you need to ask your vet first as the dog may be allergic or it could prove toxic to it
Take him on a long walk or play fetch for a while so he is tired. I would never drug my dog. You might end up giving too much. I had to give my dog Benadryl once for an allergy and it made her dehydrated.

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