My dog is currently in labor, her water broke just about 1 hour ago .. how much longer until she delivers?

Should be anytime now.. here is things to watch for.. Good luck..

Stages of Labor

Your Dam may exhibit all or just some of the following signs.

Stage 1
oTemperature will drop to 98 degrees or so...
oEyes will dilate
oShe will stare at you and want you near
oRefusal to eat
oHide under your bed or a dark place
oLaying on her side but can't seem to get comfortable
oMucus Discharge
Stage 2 - pre labor
oStaring at her rear end
oLicking vulva excessively
oMild Uterine Contractions
Stage 3 - Labor
oHard Uterine Contractions
oExtreme Shivering
oWater Breaking
oGrunting and pushing
oVisible sign of the First pup and delivery (Whelp)
Note # If the Dam is pushing and grunting and crying out in pain that lasts for over an hour with no visible pup,
you maybe in trouble. This is when you need to search your gut. Ask yourself, how do you feel?
Do you feel you are safe or in trouble. Go by your gut instinct. Read the Dams signs, her body is talking to you.
She is probably safe if she is napping between contractions, but if is she becoming exhausted from constant pushing and straining,
if she appears close to collapse you maybe in trouble. She is telling you something is wrong and a puppy maybe to large to pass thru her pelvis.
If you feel you are in trouble. Call your Vet and get ready to seek help
You've got time. RELAX. You will stress your dog out! Give her a quiet dark place to do what she has to do. If you stress her too much she will actually stop her labor which can be harmful!
she will deliver in about 10-25 minutes, trust me
she could deliever all night long...I've seen some go all day & night...depends on how many she will have
Each pup comes in its own sac which is filled with amnionic fluid. So the dog's "water" will "break" with the birth of each pup. Usually the sac comes out and then the mother breaks it and severes the umbilical cord by biting through it.

If the first sac broke over an hour ago and the pup hasn't emerged yet, you may need to get your dog to her vet. The pup may be too large for her push out, the pup might be at an odd angle, or the mom's uterus may not be contracting properly. The longer the pup is in the birth canal wihtout its sac, the greater the chance is of the pup suffocating inside the birth canal.

Depending on the size of her litter, she could be in labor all night. the pups could come 15-20 minutes apart, or about an hour apart. If she's pushing for more than 4 hours on any one puppy, you need to get her to the emergency room ASAP; she may need a C-section.
I think Fetch 11 gave you a great answer, my dog gave birth a week ago and she popped 9 puppies within an hour and with no problem whatsoever, better get yours to the vet asap.

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