My dog has two rows of teeth like a shark is this normal in some cases?

Hes a Yorkie.
It's common for small breeds, like Yorkies, to not lose their baby teeth before the adult teeth come in. Your vet may need to pull the baby teeth out. If your dog has not been neutered, you can have this done at the same time as the surgery.
Well.. It's normal for some small breeds, it's not normal for dogs in general.. The baby teeth often don't fall out like they should when the adult teeth come in. You'll have to get the vet to pull them for you..
it is probally baby teeth and adult teeth. his baby teeth hasn't fallen out yet
No---not normal---but sometimes puppy teeth have to be pulled by the vet.
Yorkies, toy poodles, and chihuahuas have a tendancy of not loosing there baby teeth wich may cause "doubles"
hmmmm...being a dental assistant I would want to ask my vet if the second set of teeth are his baby teeth that never fell out. I would say that this isn't normal in dogs but again, ask your vet.
he is evolving into a species that is part shark, part dog.
In Yorkies, this is fairly common. Yorkies, toy poodles, and chihuahuas have a tendency to not lose their baby teeth when the adult teeth come in, which means they end up with "doubles". You should have the vet remove the baby teeth to prevent future problems. All 3 of those breeds tend to have a lot of dental disease, and require professional cleanings at regular intervals to prevent tooth loss (every 6 months to 3 years depending on the dog). Brushing her teeth will help out a lot too, and reduce how often you have to have her teeth professionally done
One of our poms had two rows of teeth. We took her to the vet he said they were ok and that her baby teeth would fall out. If they did not come out in a couple months to bring her back in. They did come out we had her re-checked and her adult teeth are fine. Still it would not hurt to talk with your vet if you are worried about this.

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