Is it safe to feed dogs cereal?

Hi. I'm wondering if I can feed my dogs cereal without sideaffects. I fed him it 2 times already and he sems to like it.

cereal: Special K.
It won't hurt them but it doesn't provide them with the nutrients they need to survive.

It's OK in a pinch but don't do it for long-term use.
It will make him use the bathroom alot food is the answer.
no problem just let your dog dig in
You can but its not good for them to eat table food
do not feed dogs people food it does not have the required nutrition dog food does.
i guess as long as its not chocolate
It has too much sugar.

If its an all natural rice cereal I would say yes, but you don't want him to have the sugar.
Don't give your dog a bunch of human food. it is bad for their stomachs; plus it makes them beg from you more.
It depends on the cereal if its a kids cereal with alot of sugar then no because that would make the dog sick but if its a healthy cereal its not bad but just don't feed it alot.
typically if something does not agree with my dog he will barf or get the drips, so keep an eye out. otherwise prob cool, kinda expensive
I wouldn't do it personally. dog food is best for them. I would honestly be more worried about your carpet.
Most dog foods are made up of cereal products anyway.Grains such as wheat and barley are common among dry dog foods.
plain special k is okay sometimes. never give sweetened cereal. oat meal is very good for dogs. mix in with canned food.(cooked oat meal.)..
You are going to anyway. Why ask? Cereal is included in most dog foods but it is scientifically balanced to have enough of the right things. Be sure your dog does not get too fat. Be sure you give the dog enough real dog food to keep their nutrition good. Do not get mad when they get into your cereal when you are away.
It is best you feed your dog only dog food. Human foods have to much fat in them for your dog causing them to be over weight, can cause your dog to be a diabetic as well as other health problems. There are several good dog foods out there, I recommend Hills brand c/d or Medi-Cal Preventive Formula these foods can only be bought from a vet.
Did the cereal contain milk by any chance? Milk can cause diarrhea, upset stomach, gas and blotting. Keep it food only.
I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but you should alway's ask a vet. I do know chocalate is bad for dogs.
You can, but not too often.
Only in an emergency. People food is not mean for animals, it doesn't have all the nutritions they need.
yes, as long as there isn't any sugar in it.
If it's just bran flakes or plain cheerios, it should be fine. Avoid sugar (worms), chocolate (Poisonous), or anything sweet, sugary, or colored.
I feed my dog cereal all the time and he loves hasn't made him sick yet. the vets tell you not to feed table food but mine won't eat dog food under any circumstance. I wouldn't feed him a lot but a little won't hurt.

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